Worker Correspondents: Amazon Worker Injured On-Site, Charged for Mandatory Doctor Visit

Photo credit: Jo Mannies/St. Louis Public Radio

By David Albright

A worker at the STL8 Amazon Facility in St. Peters, MO spoke with Tribune about her experience surrounding an injury sustained offsite that was reinjured on the job soon after she returned from medical leave.

The worker told Tribune that she felt a pop in her shoulder and excruciating pain while lifting a box during her 10-hour shift. The worker reported the incident to management, and was ordered to report to the medical representative on-site. Despite the necessity of immediately filing an incident report, the medical representative told the worker they were “too busy.”

The medic informed the worker that they would file the incident by the next shift—a tactic commonly used to deny workers medical compensation due to not having an incident report on file.

The worker took medical leave, and was unable to work. For six weeks the worker attempted to contact Amazon medical representatives to set an appointment with company-approved doctors. She was finally granted an appointment on the requirement that she fill out her own incident report and paperwork for the visit.

“The doctor said [the injury] was pre-existing. He said I didn’t have any will to get myself fixed. He just really put me down. He told me I had no self-esteem. Never again will I set foot in that place. They set rules but enforce them when it benefits them,” she told Tribune.

The worker was charged $300 for the company doctor visit, prompting the worker to quit her job at Amazon after going weeks without treatment and without possibility of returning to work. She has yet to receive payout of her accrued vacation time and other benefits. The monopoly Amazon will continue to intensify the mistreatment of its workers until they organize to rebel against their exploitation.


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