Week in Struggle: February 19-25


Last week, the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) led three actions against police officers. In the village of Khursipar Khurd, Chhattisgarh, a police informant was killed by PGLA fighters, literature explaining the role of the informant was also distributed. In Lohandiguda (Bastar), Chhattisgarh, a road construction project, part of expanding the counterinsurgency efforts of the reactionary Old State, was set on fire by PLGA combatants. In Lohardaga, Jharkhand, an improvised explosive device killed one police officer during a search operation by the Central Reserve Police Forces.


Graffiti in Maringá, demanding COVID-19 vaccines for the people and in support of the drivers’ strike were seen in the city, the latter was signed by the Workers’ League with the slogans “Long Live the Drivers’ Strike,” and “Vaccines for the People Now!”

Two actions took place in Curitiba this month led by Black Coalition for Rights as a part of the “National Act for Vaccines and For Food and Emergency Aid Now!” The group is demanding emergency aid and vaccination for the entire population.

The Curitiba A Nova Democracia Support Committee was present and distributed flyers with information on vaccinations. Members of the Popular Health Committee were also in attendance and in a speech denounced the genocidal policies of Bolsonaro against the people.

The Popular Student Solidarity Committee (CESP) released a statement denouncing the attacks on education from the Bolsonaro government as an attempt to privatize education. CESP is fighting for free public education and promoting a boycott of remote education and placing universities in the service of the people.


On February 17 in Oaxaca, Yolanda Cabrera González, known as Comrade Yola, a militant of the Current of the People Red Sun and founder of the Francisco Villa Occupation, passed away. Comrade Yola was known as an implacable enemy of opportunism and revisionism and a militant woman on the front lines of the struggle.


The Red Women’s Committee released a statement regarding International Working Women’s Day in which they denounce the year-long state of emergency in Germany and the use of the so-called ‘Corona crisis’ as a scapegoat for the deepening economic crisis of imperialism. They highlight rising unemployment, increasing workloads, COVID exposure to frontline workers, and disturbances to children’s education as well as the imperialist system’s impotent response to all these problems. The statement also raises the issue of the double oppression of women and call for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany.


The 87th anniversary of Red February was commemorated in the state of Tyrol with a visit to important landmarks of the fight in which Austrian fascism was combatted through armed struggle, proudly carrying flags with the hammer and sickle as well as the insignia of the original antifascists. Activists also held a rally in honor of Red February at which speeches connecting the historical struggle against fascism with the struggles of today emphasized the need for a firm proletarian perspective.


A representative from the Revolutionary Youth (JR) spoke with Anti Imperialist Action Ireland explaining the group’s political line and practical activities—we encourage all our readers to listen to the full interview below.

Graffiti signed by JR was also documented in Saint-Étienne with the slogan, “Read La Cause du Peuple!,” the revolutionary French newspaper.

JR activists in Lyon also carried out a banner drop in solidarity with the rapper and political prisoner of the Spanish state Pablo Hasél, as well as the thousands of youth protesters who have taken to the street in combative demonstrations against the police. The banner read, “Long Live the Just Fight of the Spanish Masses, Free Pablo Hasél!”


Graffiti in solidarity with Communist Parties leading People’s Wars was documented in the Vestfold area with slogans such as,”Long Live TKP/ML,” “Long Live CPI (Maoist),” “Support the People’s War in India,” and “Long Live the Communist Party of Peru,” all accompanied with hammer and sickles. Other graffiti read, “Long Live Chairman Gonzalo,” “Death to Fascism,” “Death to Imperialism,” “Women’s Struggle for Communism,” and “People’s War until Communism.”


In Tampere, activists carried out an action in solidarity with the peasant struggle in Brazil and the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) with a banner reading, “The People Want Land, Not Repression!” and “Long live the LCP.”

United States


The Tribune Support Committee in Oxnard carried out an act of solidarity with the people in Texas affected by the winter storm and subsequent power outages that left many dead and millions more without power and water for days. The banner read, “No Such Thing as a Natural Disaster, Capitalism Is To Blame!”


Graffiti was documented throughout Pittsburgh promoting International Working Women’s Day with the slogans “Women Hold Up Half the Sky,” “Make the Ruling Class Pay for its own Crisis,” and “Unleash the Fury of Women as a Force for Proletarian Revolution!” all followed by “March 8, International Working Women’s Day” and hammer and sickles.

Other slogans were also documented denouncing the deepening crisis of imperialism and raising the need to organize for socialist revolution, including, “The Capitalists Cause Your Problems, Socialist Revolution Solves Them!,” “In Response to Imperialist Crisis, Get Organized for Revolution!,” and “The Working Class Can Have Only One Party, Reconstitute the Communist Party!”


Graffiti was documented promoting International Workers’ Day with the slogans, “Proletarians of All Countries Unite!,” “Make a Casket for the Old Society!,” and “It Is Right to Rebel!,” all followed by “May 1, International Workers’ Day!”

Los Angeles

Graffiti was seen with the slogans, “New President, Same Imperialism!,” “Women Hold Up Half the Sky, March 8 International Working Women’s Day!,” and “Freedom for Pablo Hasél!”

Kansas City

In Kansas City, graffiti was documented reading, “In Response to Imperialist Crisis, Organize for Revolution!” and “Make the Ruling Class Pay for Their Own Crisis, March 8th International Working Women’s Day.”

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