Charlotte: Snyder’s-Lance Employees Describe Lack of Sick Pay, Workplace Injuries, Death

Photo credit: WBTV

By Dontay Stevenson

A worker at one of the Snyder’s-Lance Factories in Charlotte recently spoke with Tribune of the People about the conditions inside the facility.

The worker informed Tribune that management takes deliberate steps to avoid paying their permanent workers higher wages by hiring temp workers or outside contractors for maintenance-related jobs. Once hired, the temp workers receive very little in the way of training, yet they are still prioritized for staffing.

There have been multiple incidents of workers getting their arms and fingers severed by the machines, which are old, dilapidated and dangerous. However, Snyder’s has chosen not to invest in up-to-date machinery as they prioritize profit over worker safety. There was also an incident last August where one worker, after finishing his shift, was hit and killed by a truck.

Snyder’s refuses to provide Covid-19 protection for workers. The company deliberately avoids paying workers sick pay for Covid-19 by telling them to file for worker’s compensation or disability, all the while allowing the virus to run rampant through the facility. The worker told Tribune that last year there were so many workers out due to Covid-19 that production lines couldn’t run. Despite this, management still demanded that workers met the same production numbers as they did with a fully staffed factory. “They expect us to do the impossible,” the worker told Tribune

Another worker at Snyder’s-Lance informed Tribune about a worker that had to quarantine herself for three weeks because she was in close contact with a worker who tested positive for Covid-19. She tested negative but was never paid for the three weeks that the company made her stay out of work. “More than likely this made an impact on how she was able to pay her necessary bills,” said the worker. “The company would rather save money for themselves instead of helping employees when they have to be out of work for extended periods of time.”

“The company doesn’t care about employees. They only care about production” a worker told Tribune.


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