Week in Struggle: February 26-March 4


According to reports from the ruling-class Indian media, four separate actions from the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) in the state of Chhattisgarh, including firefights and two improvised explosive devices, resulted in the death of two members of the reactionary armed forces and the wounding of two others last week. Additionally, it was reported that a police spy was annihilated in Maharashtra.


Protesters in Curitiba blocked two major roads with barricades of burning tires along with banners that read, “Vaccine for the people now!” and “Emergency aid of a minimum wage now!” The barricades blocked traffic from 40 minutes to an hour while evading the Military Police.


Flyers promoting the International Working Women’s Day demonstration were documented in various neighborhoods in Bremerhaven, Bremen, and Essen.

Two banners were put up at the entrance of a park in Bremerhaven for International Working Women’s Day. The banners read, “Women out to fight!” and “Against a state of emergency and crisis! For a revolutionary women’s movement!”

Graffiti marking the 49 year anniversary of the death of French revolutionary Pierre Overney was also documented in Freiburg. The graffiti read, “No forgetting! No forgiveness! Pierre Overney is immortal!” in French.


The People’s Committee for Self-Determined Austria, along with antifascists and migrant workers, organized a rally demanding unemployment benefits be increased to 80% in Linz along with a banner reading, “Raise unemployment benefits to 80%!” and posters that spelled out, “Combat and Resist!” The demonstrators also raised the demand for a reduction in working hours with full wages and staff compensation.


A banner promoting International Working Women’s Day was dropped on an overpass in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen.


The Revolutionary Youth commemorated the 49th anniversary of the murder of Pierre Overney, a French automobile factory worker who was killed by a security guard for distributing pamphlets to workers, with numerous actions in the cities of Clermont-Ferrand, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Guingamp, Lyon, Saint-Étienne, and Paris through graffiti and banners with the slogans “Pierre Overney, hero of the working class!” and “We will not forgive!”

A special commemoration was held at his grave in Paris, with speeches and revolutionary songs. A portrait as well as an issue of the revolutionary newspaper La Cause du Peuple, to which he was a contributor, was left at his grave.

A mural in solidarity with Catalan political prisoner Pablo Hasel was also documented, reading, “Freedom for Pablo Hasel!”


Youth Resistance (Resistencia Juvenil) in Medellin spoke to people about the process of production and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine and the need to fight for access. The group proceeded to a deaf camp at the University of Antioquia, where they delivered the same message with an interpreter. Two demands were made by the youth during the outings, “Let the rich pay for the crisis!” and “Vaccinations for the people now!,” echoing calls that have been made by revolutionaries in Brazil and Mexico.


The Committee of Poor Peasants along with other peasant organizations held an assembly in El Corazón, Carchi. The assembly discussed the necessity of fighting against large mining companies, tying it to the struggle for land and the agrarian revolution as part of the New Democratic revolution.

United States


Numerous displays of graffiti were documented throughout Austin promoting International Working Women’s Day with the slogans, “Women hold up half the sky!,” “Make the ruling class pay for their own crisis!,” “Unleash the fury of women as a mighty force for proletarian revolution!,” and “March 8, International Working Women’s Day!”


Graffiti promoting International Working Women’s Day was seen in Pittsburgh reading, “Women Hold Up Half the Sky,” “Make the Ruling Class Pay for its Own Crisis!” “Unleash the Fury of Women as a Force for Proletarian Revolution!,” and “March 8, International Working Women’s Day.”

Los Angeles

Graffiti and posters for International Working Women’s Day were seen across Los Angeles. Posters read, “March 8, International Working Women’s Day. Unleash the Fury of Women as a Force for Proletarian Revolution!” and “Long Live International Working Women’s Day!” Pictures of leading Communist women, Comrade Norah of Peru and Jiang Qing of China, accompanied the posters. Graffiti documented in the city read, “Women Hold Up Half the Sky! March 8, International Working Women’s Day!”

Kansas City

Graffiti reading, “Make the Ruling Class Pay for its Own Crisis! March 8, International Working Women’s Day,” and “Women Hold Up Half the Sky! March 8, International Working Women’s Day!” were seen in Kansas City.

Graffiti reading, “It Is Right to Rebel! May 1, International Workers Day!” with a hammer and sickle was seen.

Graffiti commemorating Comrade Yola read, ” Comrae Yola, Present in the Struggle” a hammer and sickle accompanied the writing.


Graffiti seen in Oxnard read, “Women Hold Up Half the Sky! March 8, International Working Women’s Day!”

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