Austin: Interview with 400+1, Jordan Walton Family

The Austin Tribune Support Committee spoke with representatives of 400+1, at their encampment in East Austin. They have set up tents, a canteen, and other resources at the pavilion in Rosewood Park, declaring it the capital of what they call “Orisha Land,” an 11 mile area of the historically Black East Austin neighborhood. Tribune has published an extended interview so 400+1 can speak in their own words to the people. We also seek to highlight the work of women organizers on this International Working Women’s Day.

They refer to the site itself as “Jordan’s Place,” after Jordan Walton, who Austin police gunned down on February 10, while he was having a mental health episode. The Austin SC also spoke with Walton’s family, who say that APD has withheld information on the incident. The family are seeking answers and demanding justice for his killing by police.

While the ruling class media looks on the occupation with suspicion and deems the activists ‘anarchists’, Tribune extends its solidarity to the occupation, noting that the activists have responded to the collapse of infrastructure during the winter storm, and have met certain needs of their community during their more than 22-day occupation. Any attempts to dislodge the community activists come at the expense of the community and serve to protect the white supremacist agenda of the city government.