Tribune of the People Now Available as Print Edition

By the Editorial Board

Our first year as a publication is not only being marked with revisiting our coverage and reflecting on our work, but we are also celebrating a qualitative leap in our organization as we make our first professionally-printed newsprint edition available to our readers.

Starting with monthly editions, Tribune’s newsprint will bring together the most important stories of workers’ struggles, our editorials and opinion pieces, and other key stories that cover the revolutionary struggles of the people in the US and internationally.

Print editions will be distributed and sold for a $2 suggested donation by Support Committees in cities where they organize, or our online readers may order a minimum of 5 copies (shipping not included). All costs go back into the organization so we can continue printing issues and strengthening our work in order to improve it on all fronts.

Help us grow our organization and the reach of our paper by contacting us to start a Support Committee, or to become an Official Supporter so that you can be part of the efforts to make Maoism the sole command and guide of world proletarian revolution and to develop Tribune of the People into the central organ for the revolution in the world’s sole hegemonic superpower.

Long Live the First Anniversary and Milestone of Tribune of the People!


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