Ventura: Vigil and March Held on Anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s Death

By Serran Soledad

Marking one year since the police murder of Breonna Taylor at the hands of Louisville Metro Police Officers, community members gathered at Plaza Park in Oxnard for a candle light vigil early Saturday morning. The vigil was followed by a march in front of the Ventura County Government Center later that day in the neighboring city of Ventura.

Organized by Black Lives Matter of Ventura County (BLMVC), a group of people arrived at 12:48am for the vigil, to mark the same time Breonna Taylor was killed. Candles were set up next to portraits of Taylor, decorated with flowers and artwork. Community members took the opportunity to speak, memorializing the 26-year-old Black emergency room technician and demanding justice for her death.

Later in the day, protesters gathered in front of the Ventura County Government Center to continue the day of remembrance. Protesters held signs and a banner reading “People’s Justice for Breonna Taylor,” before marching in the streets.

Once they reached a busy intersection, protesters briefly blocked traffic while chanting “Say her name, Breonna Taylor!” and “No justice, no peace!”

At this point Ventura County Sheriff’s Department attempted to intervene. One protester began rallying the crowd against the sheriffs.

A reactionary driver attempted to intimidate the small group of protesters by revving his engine and speeding towards the crowd, nearly hitting a woman, who kicked at the vehicle as it sped away.

Before circling back to where the march began, the protest passed by the Ventura County Jail which connects to the government center.

“When I looked back [at the march] I saw comrades, I didn’t see colors.” he said, “If you care about people you have to break apart the constructs of what they use to separate us,” a member of BLMVC told Tribune.


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