A Nova Democracia Is the Target of Intimidation Campaigns and Surveillance of Members of the Newsroom

Editor’s Note: The following is an unofficial translation of an urgent alert from Brazilian Revolutionary newspaper A Nova Democracia (AND), which has been the target of surveillance and persecution by the reactionary state of Brazil. Tribune of the People extends our internationalist solidarity to AND as revolutionary journalists, and we denounce the persecution of AND, which is a true revolutionary democratic newspaper which works with total dedication to expose the genocidal regime in Brazil and the role of US imperialism in the exploitation of the Brazilian people.

Long Live A Nova Democracia, Democratic News of the Brazilian People!

By the Editorial Board of A Nova Democracia

Since the second half of February, the headquarters of the newspaper A Nova Democracia (AND) have sporadically been the target of surveillance and some of its members have been followed. Such activities take place amid the unparalleled aggravation of the destruction of democratic freedoms, in which the genocidal military government of Bolsonaro and the High Command of the Armed Forces uses and abuses the National Security Law to silence any and all opposition, whether from the countryside, the people, and even the elected parliament. The fascist fate that hangs at the top of the State even reaches places that until now have been untouched since the transition to the ‘civil regime,’ as in the case of the influencer Felipe Neto and the rector of the Federal University of Pelotas.

In one of the incidents, which took place on March 2, a man chases a member of the Editorial Committee, shamelessly photographing and filming him, changing his steps to accompany him, crossing sideways on the same sidewalk twice, trying to disguise his persecutory activity. When the member moves away, the element slows down and takes a different, opposite direction.

On another occasion, a miscreant explicitly photographs the Editor-in-Chief in front of the building and, unsatisfied, crosses the street, goes to him, passes by him and turns around, passing by him on the other side, as if he wants to give a message of some sort. On several days, especially in the afternoon, generally repeating every three days, military men, over 40 years old, sometimes in pairs, sometimes alone, sit in nearby plazas or position themselves on corners whose locations provide a privileged view for the headquarters, equipped with a cell phone with which they exchange voice messages relatively frequently.

Such an operation is preceded by other episodes. We have already denounced the political arson that the AND Support Committee in Belo Horizonte was the target of in September 2019, when a degenerate element broke into the door, invaded the premises, started the fire and took an irrelevant amount of money to conceal the nature of the sabotage action, while valuable and easily transportable equipment was left behind.

A year later, the AND newsroom headquarters in Rio de Janeiro was invaded by an individual posing as an internet technician, who cut the wires of the entire distribution network, one floor below the headquarters, in an action so blatant in its technical aspects that professionals brought to rebuild the network attested that it was a deliberate action—sabotage.

The fact that such desperate actions of repression arise, sometimes for mapping and intimidation, now for destroying the working means of the popular and democratic press—be they cyber attacks, fires and other forms—can only chase away those weak of will, the undecided and cowed. If the reactionaries think that they will silence or demoralize those whose mission is to relentlessly denounce the crimes of this and all other anti-people governments, in addition to contributing to the popular movement propagating the foundations of the Democratic Revolution, they are sadly mistaken. The desperate ones here are all the reactionaries, who are faced with the serious threat of a great mass uprising and Revolution that hovers around the country, in the midst of an unfathomable antagonism between the political system and the state of mind of the masses; between the exploitative economic system and the misery of the masses; between the de facto military government, on the one hand, and the entire nation, on the other, national and international popular public opinion.

For our part, we denounce the actions, whether promoted by extreme right-wing groups or by official state intelligence agencies, whose functions are exactly these: to carry out espionage, intimidation, and even elimination against those who are not resigned to injustice and violence and humiliation. To us, such actions do not even come close to succeeding. We will continue to denounce the insane genocide that moved from the Planalto Palace, disguised as negligence, with a clear political objective of creating such a state of chaos to justify the reimplantation of the military regime. Nothing and no one will silence the genuine democrats.


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