Week in Struggle: April 2-8


Amid the escalating repression against Camp Manoel Ribeiro, Resistência Camponesa published a video interview of peasants at the camp who reported what is actually happening at the moment in the latifundio Nossa Senhora Aparecida and its surrounding areas. At Camp Manoel Ribeiro, banners have been erected around the camp reading, “The lands of Santa Elina are soaked with peasant blood. We will not leave here!”

Commenting on the situation, A Nova Democracia wrote, “But, far from intimidating or giving up the fight, this pro-latifundio government saga against the people has aroused revolt and indignation among residents of the entire region, in addition to the just class hatred of the encamped families who claim even more loudly: ‘We will not leave here!'”

The Amazonas Vermelho (Red Amazon) collective released a solidarity statement with revolutionary newspaper A Nova Democracia denouncing state and reactionary repression which attempts to intimidate, persecute, and identity members of the newspaper. Amazonas Vermelho raised the slogan, “Nothing, No One, Will Silence the Genuine Democrats!” as repression intensifies across the country and revolutionary organizations are targeted.

Graffiti commemorating the 99th anniversary of the Communist Party of Brazil, marked on March 25, was reported in various cities. Graffiti read, “Long Live 99 Years of the Foundation of the PCB! Long Live Maoism! Down With Revisionism!” accompanied with hammer and sickles.

Minas Gerais




Rio de Janeiro


Activists across Germany carried out actions in solidarity with auto workers in Steyr, Austria who are facing unemployment as MAN, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, plans to close down its factory there. The layoffs would affect not only the 2,700 workers in the Steyr factory, but another 3,300 jobs at supply and service providers in the immediate vicinity who are dependent on MAN. Solidarity was shown in Bremen, Essen, Oberhausen, Hanover, Hamburg, Umkirch, Bremerhaven, and Berlin with banners reading “No to the closing of MAN Steyr! No to the cutting of thousands of jobs! Fight for every job, everywhere!”


Activists in Upper Austria held a demonstration against the closure of the MAN-Steyr factory, which included the handing-over of a petition with 3,000 signatures led by the organization International Worker’s Aid, a symbolic action in which a coffin representing the 6,000 jobs that will be lost by the closure was displayed and speeches were given about the need to fight for every job amid increasing unemployment. Activists carried a banner reading, “No to the closing of MAN Steyr! No to the cutting of thousands of jobs!” and “Raise unemployment benefits to 80%!”


The Revolutionary Youth (JR) in Saint-Etienne held an action in solidarity with the League of Poor Peasants in Brazil against the state repression faced by peasant camps, most recently at Camp manoel Ribeiro. The banner read, “Down with the criminalization of the struggle for land, long live the LCP!”

In Lyon, JR held an action to celebrate the 72nd birthday of Georges Abdallah, a fighter for Palestinian national liberation who has been imprisoned by the French state since 1984. JR carried out an action at the Rhône prefecture, hanging a banner reading, “Free Georges Abdallah!” Flares were left under the banner and posters were pasted on the front of the building.

A large poster was also documented in Lyon reading, “The French army is killing civilians in Mali!” The poster referenced an attack on January 3 against a wedding in Mali which killed 19 civilians—the French state tried to cover for their brutal assault by claiming they had targeted terrorists.


Graffiti was documented in Helsinki reading, “150 years of the Paris Commune—Long live Maoism!” along with a hammer and sickle. Posters celebrating the 150 year anniversary of the Paris Commune were also documented in Tampere.


In Belfast, activists gathered at Miltown Cemetery to commemorate the men and women of Easter week. A march from the cemetery to the Fenian Harbison plot followed the cemetery gathering. Welsh Socialist Republicans read a statement in solidarity with the struggle for national liberation and socialism during the event. A banner reading, “We serve neither king nor kaiser” was held by activists.

Revolutionaries across Ireland and Scotland commemorated the 105th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Uprising between March 31 and April 5. Those who fought and died for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution in Ireland were also honored, events were organized by the Anti-Imperialism Action Ireland.







United States


The Pittsburgh Tribune Support Committee spoke to people at a bus stop about the repression revolutionary Brazilian newspaper A Nova Democracia is currently facing at the hands of reactionaries and the state. Articles documenting and denouncing the repression were distributing during the outing. Members raised a banner read, “Long Live A Nova Democracia, Democratic News of the Brazilian People!”

Last weekend, Serve The People commemorated the 1916 Easter Rising. The gathering opened with a reading of the poem “The Foggy Dew” by Charles O’Neill. A lecture was also given on the 1916 rebellion and the efforts of Irish revolutionaries today, followed by a short discussion. Those in attendance rallied under the slogan “Stop the extradition of Liam Campbell!”

Serve the People Pittsburgh members showed solidarity with the League of Poor Peasants and the peasant movement in Brazil with a banner reading, “Long Live the Resistance of the Peasants of the Camp Manoel Ribeiro!”

Graffiti in solidarity with revolutionary Brazilian peasant movement was also documented in the city with the slogans, ” Long Love the Brazilian Agrarian Revolution!”, “Death to the Latifundium!”, “Long Live the Resistance of the Peasants of Camp Manoel Ribeiro!”, “Down with the Criminalization of the Struggle for the Land in Brazil!”, “All Support to the Peasants of the Manoel Ribeiro Area!” and “Conquer the Land! Destroy the Latifundium!”


The Austin Tribune Support Committee gave a statement of solidarity with the Brazilian revolutionary newspaper A Nova Democracia. They denounced attacks by the reactionary state made against the paper such as sabotage in the form of cutting wires in the paper’s office and surveillance on the paper’s staff and editors. This statement comes at a time when repressive measures are increasing against the peasant movement in Brazil and against A Nova Democracia due to the newspaper’s coverage of the peasant’s fight for land.

Members of the Committee to Support the People’s Struggle in Brazil held banners in solidarity with the revolutionary peasant movement at two different locations. Banners read, “Long Live the Resistance of the Peasants of Camp Manoel Ribeiro! Viva LCP!” and “Defend the Heroic Peasant Resistance of Rondônia Brazil!”

Graffiti was also documented in support of the Brazilian peasants reading “Long Live the Resistance of the Peasants of Camp Manoel Ribeiro,” “Down with the Criminalization of the Struggle for Land in Brazil,” and “Long Live the Brazilian Agrarian Revolution! Death to the Latinfundium!”

Graffiti across the city reading, “Make a Casket for the Old Society! May 1 International Workers’ Day!”, “It Is Right to Rebel!”, and “Proletarians of All Countries Unite!” were reported.


The Orlando Support Committee hosted a screening of “The Murder of Fred Hampton.” One speaker connected the assassination of Hampton to recent police murders and the murder of Garrett Foster by US Sergeant Daniel Perry. After the screening, those in attendance watched a clip of the police assault on Whitney, Foster’s wife.

Flyers promoting May 1, International Workers’ Day, were also documented in the city.

Kansas City

Graffiti honoring and demanding justice for Garrett Foster was reported, “Honor and Glory to Garrett Foster Defender of Black Lives, Servant of the People!” and “People’s Justice for Garrett Foster!”


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