Brazil: Peasants from the North of Minas and the South of Bahia Declare Support for Camp Manoel Ribeiro

Editor’s Note: The following is an unofficial translation of a statement published by the Brazilian democratic revolutionary newspaper, A Nova Democracia, from peasants from the north of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais and the south of the state of Bahia.

On April 9, peasants from the north of Minas and the south of Bahia issued a note in support of Camp Manoel Ribeiro. In a video, support is declared, and it ends with the slogans “Down with the butcher of Santa Elina!” and “Long Live the Resistance of Santa Elina!” Read the full note below:

All support to Camp Manoel Ribeiro!

Down with the attacks and the siege of the Rondônia MP (military police) against peasant families!

We express our full support for the just struggle for land of the peasant families of Camp Manoel Ribeiro! Camp Manoel Ribeiro is the retaking by the peasants of the last lands of the old Hacienda Santa Elina, lands that are watered with the blood of the peasants who heroically resisted in 1995 facing the cowardice of the attacks of the MP and the gunmen in the episode known as the “Massacre of Corumbiara.” These lands belong to the peasants who want to live and build a new life!

We repudiate and demand an end to the siege, the persecutions, attacks, and eviction operation commanded by the state government of Rondônia, Governor Colonel Marcos Rocha, and his security secretary, the butcher Colonel José Hélio Cysneiros Pachá, the same man who commanded the crimes against the peasants in Santa Elina in 1995 to cater to the well-known land thief of the Union, the landowner Antônio Borges Afonso.

All attacks and crimes committed against peasants in Rondônia and throughout Brazil will not stop the just struggle for land. We salute the peasants who resist, defending the sacred right to the piece of land to work and live with dignity! We salute and express our solidarity with Camp Manoel Ribeiro and with the League of Poor Peasants of Rondônia and Western Amazonia.

Down with the criminal collusion of Governor Marcos Rocha and the MP of Rondônia with the land-thieving landowners of the Union!

Down with the criminalization of the struggle for land and of the LCP of Rondônia!

Defend land ownership by peasants in the Manoel Ribeiro area!

The lands of the old Santa Elina belong to the peasants!

  • Association of Landless Rural Workers and Small Landowners of Varzelândia – MG
  • Quilombola Brejo dos Crioulos Association – Varzelândia / MG
  • Brilho do Sol Association – Varzelândia / MG
  • Association of PA Conquest of the Unit – Varzelândia / MG
  • CMDRS – Municipal Council for Sustainable Rural Development – Varzelândia / MG
  • PA Vanessa Association – Manga / MG
  • Settlers Association of the Novo Plano Settlement Project – Manga / MG
  • Association of Peasants and Small Stone Producers of Maria da Cruz – MG
  • Popular Women’s Movement – North of Minas
  • League of Poor Peasants in Northern Minas and Southern Bahia


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