Oxnard: Community Marches for Daunte Wright and Brooklyn Center Protesters

By Serran Soledad

Following the murder of Daunte Wright at the hands of Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kim Potter, Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group (OxRevStudy) made a call to action on Monday, to march in solidarity with protesters for Black lives facing off with law enforcement in the Minneapolis suburb.

A few dozen community members gathered at Plaza Park in Downtown Oxnard, where an activist from OxRevStudy spoke on the continued violence and brutality inflicted on Black people and the working class as a whole, highlighting the need to organize against all conditions rooted in imperialism. Connections were made between the murder of Daunte Wright and victims of police brutality in Oxnard such as Alfonso Limon Jr. and Robert Ramirez.

Protesters took to the streets marching towards the Oxnard Police Department (OPD) with signs and a banner that read “Combat Police Terror With Revolution,” while a handful of people banged on pots and pans.

Once arriving at the OPD activists agitated further, “[The police] strike fear in our hearts, so we’re supposed to strike fear in their hearts back! We’re gonna stand up and fight back, and nothing’s ever gonna stop us!”

Before circling back to the park, protesters left their posters and signs at the front of the police station.

Community members cheered and honked in support as the march passed back through the downtown area, with two cars caravanning behind protesters the rest of the way.


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