The Tremors of the Masses

By the Editorial Board

Editor’s Note: The Editorial Board received criticism of this editorial which we unite with and share in order to ensure that the editorial is read critically and its errors are clear. We leave the editorial published on our site as a negative example and to be transparent with our errors. The following article uses exaggerated rhetoric and sweeping generalizations that serve to distort the line of the publication as well as distract from this through a vulgar attempt at poetic language, a common practice of postmodernists. Statements like “no one can ignore that new waves of rebellion are on the horizon” are patently false, as there are plenty who seek to deny that more uprisings will certainly come in the future and make a great effort to stop them, namely the state itself and the ruling class media. Others like “[Let us] understand that each child of our class, no matter how young, is nothing more than a target of the police and their masters…” and “this imperialist society which paints him as a threat because of the darker shade of his skin and, principally, for belonging to the working class…” also serve to distract and confuse more than elucidate as they ignore dialectics, that the children of the working class are not just targets of the police but potential sources of intelligence, exploitation, etc., that racism is about more than the a shade of skin color, and that the contradiction between the victims of police violence and the state lies in the convergence of both race and class and should not be mechanically boiled down to one or the other.

Gaze ahead of you: the horizon is quaking, the calm between storms is passing, and the people are stirring once again in the United States, seething at the endless crimes of the Old State’s police forces, who wantonly murder the sons and daughters of the working class, especially Black and Latino workers and the poor. The ruling class can offer nothing to the people that will constitute justice for their victims—they have one goal: to oppose, repress, and paralyze the justified rebellions which are being brought forth with thunderous outcries from the people and fiery protest. The ruling class foolishly believes it can plug the volcano of the masses with their condemnations and attacks on the people, but these tremors predict eruptions. The people will burst forth no matter the state’s maneuvers.

The Communist Party of Peru (PCP) has important guidance for revolutionaries that must be applied at all times, but especially when we see the slightest quake of the people: “The leadership should listen to the most minor murmur of the masses, listen to their movement, try to scan the future from a distance and stand firmly on the ground in order to record the faintest tremor of the masses.”

No one can ignore that new waves of uprisings are on the horizon, especially not those who understand the necessity of revolution for a new society. The trial of Derek Chauvin, George Floyd’s murderer, takes place on the cusp of the anniversary of Floyd’s killing, which sparked uprisings that swept across the country, and the world for the entire summer and beyond. The police killing of Daunte Wright, only 10 miles from where this trial takes place, is a new spark. And now, we hear the announcement of yet another of the state’s crimes—the Chicago police’s murder of Adam Toledo, a 13-year-old child, as he was running away and turned to surrender.

The ruling class prefaces every announcement of a killing by the police with the demand for peace—this is only a peace that serves them, to protect their own hides and, most of all, their system of private property. Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot demands “calm and peace” as her city government releases video of the police killing young Adam with his hands up in the air (and if his hands weren’t up, this child’s murder would be no more justified).

During the uprisings in Austin, Texas, one protester put a twist on the well-worn chant of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!” to the more materialist “Hands Up, Man Down!” because even when the people put their hands up, the police gun them down. Let us add “Hands Up, Child Down!” and understand that each child of our class, no matter how young, is nothing more than a target of the police and their masters, and all we have left is to rebel against the bourgeois demands for peace, to fiercely fight for people’s justice for our children and every other victim of the Old State. Only the degenerate ruling class could tell the people to remain peaceful as we watch its armed guards gun down a child who has barely lived, his only supposed crime being born into this imperialist society which paints him as a threat because of the darker shade of his skin and, principally, for belonging to the working class, which has nothing under this dying regime.

In response to Wright’s murder, the people of Brooklyn Center have stood up with violent confrontations with the police and expropriations of the fruits of their labor around the suburb. The Old State, which hoards and mismanages the wealth that workers produce, can mobilize its entire resources in a heartbeat when it comes to opposing the people’s slightest tremor—filing in thousands of its soldiers, erecting concrete barriers and steel fences, boarding up their office buildings and their businesses—yet when so-called “natural disasters” hit they don’t lift a finger until the clouds roll out. Or, it will turn a pandemic into a genocide, through either ineptitude or with intention, compounding the preventable deaths of the people.

The misery of the people, whether it arrives in a storm, a virus, or the daily exploitation of the workers, is not the concern of the current ruling class—the capitalists are the source of all misery. Their decaying, dying imperialist system can only exploit, prey on, and drink the blood of the people, feeding off of their labor. The ruling class, which fears that which it does not own, fears the people most of all. The ruling class will panic at the tiniest tremor of the masses, which is why revolutionaries must be ready to strengthen each tremor towards greater earthquakes that can shake this dying society’s foundation and topple its walls.

To continue with the lessons of the PCP: “We are Communists, Marx taught us that as revolutionaries we have the professional obligation to organize misery in order to topple the old order.” This old order can only produce rabid dogs in its police forces, who exist only to protect property, not the people. The people know this—we cannot let politicians, reformists, opportunists, and revisionists in all their forms deceive the people that this old order can be transformed through anything other than its destruction.

The subjective conditions of the United States are such that there is no Communist Party to lead and organize the misery of our class, to be a machine of combat in the hands of the proletariat which can smash all of the Old State. Therefore, apart from answering the call to take up class struggle and organize the misery of the masses in the interests of socialist revolution, it is the principal task of revolutionaries in the US to fight for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of the USA. The struggle of the proletariat is principal in the imperialist countries, and until the auxiliary struggles of the masses, of Black people, of women, in housing, and so forth, are firmly linked to the workers’ struggle, the uprisings may shake the earth but the tower of the Old State will not fall. Only a reconstituted militarized Communist Party, guided by Maoism, can lead a People’s Army and United Front, to launch the People’s War and pave the path towards the conquest of power.

The old order and its lackeys wave their bargaining chips in the face of the people, hoping they will be distracted from the goal of conquering New Power. In the case of Daunte Wright, we have seen a panicked flurry of moves meant to appease the anger of the people that only reflect the state’s fear: the firing of the Brooklyn Center city manager, the resignation of the murderous police officer (Kim Potter) and police chief, and now, the relatively swift charge of manslaughter—manslaughter and not murder, since a police officer mistaking her gun for a taser is considered an accident by the bourgeois state. The people should rightly see these concessions as conquests of their fight, but they should offer no peace to the ruling class in exchange. Each one is a slight chip in the state’s armor, but it will take a greater, more organized, militant force to break the state and put it in the hands of workers themselves, who will build a new society.

The fires of Minneapolis haunt the minds of the ruling class, and this is why they may even convict Chauvin, going against the historical trend of hundreds of cases of police officers who murdered our brothers and sisters without even facing a day in court, or a conviction. Nonetheless, a conviction of Chauvin, or the resignation of Potter, or anything the Chicago city government might do to answer for its murder of a child cannot stop the tremors of the masses, who signal their readiness to rise once again. Nearly a year has passed since the state attempted to drown the uprisings of last summer with showers of rubber bullets and clouds of tear gas, and while the people temporarily pulled back, the ground is shaking with their fury once again. Look ahead: each tremor of the masses can be strengthened and prolonged if revolutionaries are ready to not just stand alongside the people, but to lead them out of the graves that the Old Society seeks to bury them in.


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