Week in Struggle: April 9-15


For more than 10 days, peasants have been facing off with reactionary forces who attempt to carry out a massacre in Camp Manoel Ribeiro. The revolutionary peasant newspaper Resistencia Camponesa recorded footage of peasants expelling the Military Police, Tactical Force, and Mobile Tactical Patrol from their camp as they chanted: “Even if the thing thickens, this land is ours! Now, now! All Santa Elina, we will occupy! One, two, three, four, five, thousand! The League advances all over Brazil!”

The Popular Solidarity Sanitary Committee in Goiânia has carried out solidarity actions since the beginning of the year which include: Making and pasting 100 posters demanding vaccines for the people, emergency aid of 1000 reais, and denouncing extravagant government spending; making and distributing more than 60 sanitary kits, and helping manage a collective garden; and commemorating International Working Women’s Day.

Graffiti demanding the freedom of, Paraguayan political prisoner and leader of the Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP), Cármen Villalba was documented in Pinhais. She recently released a letter where she shared her solidarity with Spanish political prisoner Pablo Hasél and condemned the kidnapping of her 14-year-old daughter who was taken by the Paraguayan military earlier this year. Graffiti read, “Freedom for Cármen Villalba! We demand your daughter’s reappearance! Long live the Paraguayan People’s Army!”

A solidarity trip to the Manoel Ribeiro Camp was promoted by the Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples (CEBRASPO) and the Brazilian Association of People’s Lawyers (ABRAPO). Lawyers, journalists, researchers from the Federal University of Rondônia (UNIR) and the Federal Institute of Rondônia (IFRO), representatives of the National Union of Teachers of Higher Education Institutions (ANDES), students and activists from Porto Velho participated in the trip.


Leaders of the Defense Front of the People’s Struggles (FDLP-EC), the National Union of Health Workers, the Federation of Health Workers of Pichincha, Business Committee of EMELNORTE workers, Association of Electrical Workers “Adolfo Guerra,” Popular Women’s Movement, and leaders of the Committee of Poor Peasants of Ecuador rallied outside of the Brazilian embassy in solidarity with the revolutionary peasant movement in Brazil. Posters supporting the League of Poor Peasants and the struggle for land in Brazil were screen printed and pasted in various locations.

As the end of the presidential election cycle came to end in Ecuadoran the Defense Front of the People’s Struggles carried out election boycott actions. A banner was hung from an overpass reading “Don’t Vote! It is Right to Rebel!” A painted ballot box was burned alongside a ballot that had “Don’t Vote” and a hammer and sickle painted.


A day dedicated to uniting the countryside and city was held on April 12. Peasant, popular and union organizations promoted the “Unitary Day of the Countryside and the City.” The event demanded justice for comrade Luis Armando killed by Mexican reactionary forces in 2019. It united around the follow demands: Against the mega-projects of dispossession and death; Against high electricity rates; Against criminalization and repression; Respect for labor and union rights. Rallies and actions were held in Mexico City, Cuenca, Sierra Sur, Valles Centrales and Istmo.


In Bremen, activists hosted a presentation condemning the attempts by the Brazilian military to massacre the peasants of Camp Manoel Ribeiro who have been facing off with reactionary forces in defense of the land they occupied in August 2020.

A mural commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune was documented in Hamburg and quoted Karl Marx, “in its struggle against the collective power of the possessing classes, the proletariat can take action, as a class, only after having organized its own political party.”

On Friday 16, a rally will be held outside of the Brazilian consulate in Hamburg in solidarity with the revolutionary peasant movement.


Activists held a solidarity action condemning the Brazilian reactionary forces who attempt to massacre the peasants of Camp Manoel Ribeiro. A large banner was held by those in attendance which read, “No criminalization of the revolutionary peasant movement in Brazil!” and “Long live the LCP!”

In Innsbruck, actions commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune where documented. Austrian and Turkish revolutionary and democratic activists held a banner reading “Long live the 150th Anniversary of the Paris Commune,” with red flags and hammer and sickles. Flyers commemorating the anniversary were also pasted throughout the city.


A mural commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune was documented. The mural was signed by Jeunes Révolutionnaires (revolutionary youth) and read, “150 Years! Long live the Commune.”


Antifascist graffiti was documented on April 9, marking the anniversary of the occupation of Denmark by Nazi Germany and the resistance led by the Communist Party of Denmark in 1941. The graffiti read, “April 9 Fight Fascism!”


Anti Imperialist Action released a video from the Easter Rising commemoration in Dublin in the spirit of all the fallen fighters in the struggle for national liberation.

United States


Graffiti demanding people’s justice for Daunte Wright, who was killed by Brooklyn Center police officers near Minneapolis, was documented.

Graffiti in solidarity with Irish Republican Liam Campbell, who is currently facing extradition to Lithuania, was also documented.

Flyers and graffiti promoting this year’s May Day was seen throughout the city.


The Charlotte Tribune support committee held a solidarity action in West Charlotte. Members distributed articles on the current state repression the revolutionary Brazilian peasant movement and the democratic revolutionary newspaper, A Nova Democracia, are resisting. One member gave a speech denouncing the colonel of the Military Police, Marcos Rocha and the secretary of security Cisneiro Pacha, “the butcher of Santa Elina.”


Solidarity graffiti with the people of Minneapolis currently protesting the police killing of 20-year-old Daunte Wright was seen in Austin.

Graffiti promoting International Workers’ Day read, “Proletarians of all countries unite! May 1 International Workers’ Day!” “Make a Casket for the Old Society! May 1 International Workers’ Day,” “It is Right to Rebel! May 1 International Workers’ Day!” and “Proletarians of All Countries Unite! May 1 International Workers’ Day!” all accompanied by hammer and sickles was documented throughout the city.

Kansas City

Graffiti with the slogan, “Proletarians of All Countries Unite! May 1 International Workers’ Day!” with a hammer and sickle was seen under a bridge.

Graffiti demanding people’s justice for Garret Foster was also seen.


Flyers promoting this year’s International Workers’ Day were seen throughout the city.


Blocks of International Workers’ Day flyers promoting this years’ May 1 were also documented.


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