Indianapolis: Shooting Rampage Targets FedEx Workers

Photo credit: Victim’s families

By Jakob Stein

On April 15, 19-year-old Brandon Hole opened fire at the FedEx Ground-Plainfield Operation Center in Indianapolis, killing eight workers as well as himself. While the monopoly media has chosen to focus mainly on Indiana’s “Red Flag Law” and how it failed to prevent the shooter from purchasing guns, the fact that it is the imperialist culture that created the shooter and the system which sent them off to be exploited in that factory has been neglected.

The shooting is yet another crime against the people in the US, and this one is particularly important since it directly targeted workers at their place of employment. Several of the workers that were murdered by Hole were either picking up their paychecks or set to do so when they were gunned down.

The shooting took place at a facility where some 90 percent of the workers are Sikh, and the fact half of the victims were Sikh as well as reports of Hole browsing white supremacist websites have raised questions about whether the attack was racially motivated, however no motive has been released at this time. Hole himself was a former employee of the FedEx facility in question and had a shotgun confiscated by police after a mental health check when his parents were worried he would try to commit “suicide by cop.”

The truth is that it is the imperialist system that created this killer, not only the misanthropic culture it uses to reproduce the system and fosters these kind of shooters, but also the daily exploitation forced upon both victims and the shooter alike.

At the end of the day, the proliferation of firearms under the imperialist system creates new victims every day, but Democrats’ constant attempts to fill the cracks in the crumbling system can never solve the problem. Both the selling and restriction of firearms is controlled by and benefits the capitalist ruling class, and it is only through the destruction of that system can the root causes be addressed.

Tribune of the People reached out to workers at FedEx facilities in Austin, Texas and the City of Industry, California who expressed their sympathy with the families of the victims as well as solidarity with their coworkers.

The worker in California commented: “I also want to express my total solidarity to the victims of the FedEx shooting, all the victims of the shooting were working class and significant, crucial members of their families, and communities.” He continued, “They are victims of both the shooting and of capitalism which […] conditions men to become beasts who rip people apart from their loved ones so viciously.”

Another worker said: “FedEx has come out saying they are grieving for the victims of this violence, when it is this violence that is the fault of their class. It is disgusting that my co-workers have to come to work scared for their lives while also facing poor working conditions and unlivable wages just to get by. Our FedEx in Austin, Texas has made no comment on this event or even revoked the phone policy that led to a delay on the ground response in Indianapolis.”

Tribune extends our proletarian solidarity and condolences to the family, friends, and coworkers of the fallen workers: Karli Smith, Amarjeet Johal, Jasvinder Kaur, Amarjit Sekhon, Matt Alexander, Jaswinder Singh, Samaria Blackwell, John Weisert.

We honor their memories and they remain present in the ongoing struggle against imperialism, for the ultimate emancipation of the working class.


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