A Combative Celebration of the Workers of the World – International Workers’ Day

By the Editorial Board

The past year has proven the total decrepitude of the capitalist system in the US and the imperialist system which plunders the world. More than ever before, we see the revolutionary situation in the world today, where the old is dying and the new is fighting to be born. In these gathering storms, we raise the red flag on May First, International Workers’ Day.

It is the working class, the proletarians who have kept the food moving to the table, who have struggled to pay rent and bills and survive another year toiling in the system which crumbles all around them. As many of our class were thrust by the millions into the ranks of the unemployed, the bills kept coming. Others of our class braved the pandemic which continued bringing a genocide to the people, and kept working for far less than we are worth in order to produce. In all of this, the owners of the world got richer and we only got poorer. This is the reality of this dying system.

With the onset of the new economic depression, and the ravaging, genocidal mismanagement of the pandemic, we have witnessed growing restrictions on women who see their reproductive rights increasingly attacked, who are cast out of work at a higher rate than men, and still expected to bear the burden of childcare. We have seen students tossed out of school for “remote learning” or forced to attend in unsanitary conditions, all at the expense of learning and inflicting great harm on students and teachers alike. We see unprecedented student loan debts which result in useless diplomas. We see nurses and medical staff abused with exorbitant growth in patient numbers, all while hospitals profit and cut wages while increasing hours.

The past year showcased the most remarkable mass uprisings in defense of Black lives against the backward rule of the owning class. Our class siblings who are Black led the charge and shook this country to its very core, causing the powered elite to tremble and in some cases flee in panic. With the most brutal repression and disregard for life, we witnessed and experienced the Old State lashing out against those who filled the streets crying out for people’s justice. In the face of this anti-social attack, the revolutionaries and the people stood firm, spilled their blood and in some cases laid down their lives. The struggle for Black lives and the struggles of the workers in production must be combined. This is an important task, and we must fulfill it.

The mass uprisings and increased strike waves prove one thing—the disorganized clamor of the people and the proletariat to rebel must be organized. It is right to rebel against reactionaries.

Further exposing the rotting corpse of imperialism was the spectacle of the 2020 elections, where two aging millionaires who never did an honest day’s work in their lives pretended to care about us, where every minor dispute between them was blown up by the media in a feeble attempt to legitimize their illegitimate rule with an electoral farce more farcical than any other. In the face of this disgusting charade, revolutionaries raised the call to boycott the bourgeois elections.

The engendered hype of the bourgeois elections has caused the ruling class to fight among themselves in the most pathetic theatrics of all, but when it came down to it, the torch of imperialism was passed from one imperialist to the next and the workers of the world still suffer.

And what do we have this year? More death at the hands of the capitalist system, whether it comes from the end of the policeman’s gun, or through the faulty capitalist healthcare system at the hands of the pandemic, or due to good ol’ fashioned poverty. We have more death, more incarceration, less work, harder work for those lucky enough to have jobs, and less money to bring home. A better world is possible and inevitable because this one cannot go on much longer. The working classes deserve better than the hellscape of the capitalist, corporate, disease-ridden monotony—they deserve the world and have the world to win.

May First is our day, fought for by workers for 131 years. Our flag is red, soaked in the blood of the proletariat and the revolutionaries who fought, and continue to fight, so that the working class can accomplish power for itself and rid itself of the parasitic class who feeds on our labor and produces nothing.

All over the world the proletariat and the people rise and continue to rise. Every May First the workers take to the streets, their red flag flying with the pride of their class, the last and final class, the class to end all classes. The red flag is a blazing symbol, a symbol of world proletarian revolution, a harbinger of the future where the workers have control over the state and the means of production, where they produce for the well-being of their class and the people, not for some rich man’s profits, and where they bow to none.

While those who swindle us and live on our backs will keep telling us to work within their system, the very system built to keep us down, the proletariat must establish itself in a political party unlike any other and opposed to the parties of other classes: the Communist Party. The proletariat of our country lost its party after the Second World War, and now faces the task of reconstituting the Communist Party. The ideology of the proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, must guide this party and the effort to reconstitute it.

The reconstituted and militarized Communist Party alone is capable of initiating a great war of the people, fighting for the people’s conquests in this process of war, establishing and maintaining the power of the proletariat, as part of the world proletarian revolution so that all may enter communism—a society without rich and poor, a society without states or classes. To accomplish this, Communists the world over must overcome the dispersal of forces and reconstitute the Communist International at the helm of the world proletarian revolution.

May First means a combative celebration of the workers of the world, nothing and nobody can defeat us!

Imperialism Marches Steadily Into Its Grave, The Proletarian Revolution Advances!

Long Live May First, International Workers’ Day!

Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


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