Austin: Footage of Alex Gonzales Jr.’s Murder Disproves Police Narrative

By Brian Martel

On April 28, Austin Police Department (APD) released body cam footage of the murder of Alex Gonzales Jr. The footage, which doesn’t support APD’s claims that Alex posed a threat, was released after being delayed for nearly two months.

Gonzales was murdered by APD on January 5, first shot by off-duty officer Gabriel Gutierrez, and then killed by Luis Serrato after Gutierrez called for backup. Without any evidence, APD has stated that Gonzales pointed a gun at Gutierrez while driving past him, which the ruling-class-owned media has repeated.

The Gonzales family and their supporters have rejected APD’s claim that Alex Jr. pointed a gun at Gutierrez, and instead call Alex Jr. a hero for checking on his wounded girlfriend and infant son.

Serrato’s bodycam footage affirms the family’s assertion. The footage opens with police arriving on the scene, Alex Jr.’s injured girlfriend can be seen beside the car, and he can be seen leaving the car with his hands up.

In the video, Alex Jr. stumbles and grasps his head, having already been shot by Gutierrez. He moves around the car to his girlfriend and son and when he reaches into the back seat for his son, Serrato shoots him 10 times. The back window of the car cracks as bullets narrowly miss the infant in the back seat.

APD used the winter storm as an excuse to delay publication of this footage twice, but released footage of another police shooting, which happened only a day prior, on schedule. It is clear that the reason APD delayed the release was not due to weather, but instead because the video contradicts their claim that Gonzales was an armed threat to the officers.


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