Week in Struggle: April 23-29


At a meeting hosted by Movimiento Feminino Popular (MFP) in Camp Tiago dos Santos, women peasants carried out a solidarity action with A Nova Democracia who is facing state repression and chanted, “From the north of Brazil, from the Tiago dos Santos camp, the peasants salute this great newspaper at the service of the people.”

The Brazilian Association of People’s Lawyers Gabriel Pimenta (Abrapo) published a statement against the attacks by the Brazilian State on revolutionary newspaper A Nova Democracia.


Solidarity actions with the League of Poor Peasants in Brazil carried out by revolutionary organizations outside of the Brazilian Embassy. Activists demanded that the bourgeois landowner state of Brazil end the repression against the peasants in Santa Elina.


Street vendors and the Current of the People Red Sun (CP-Sol Rojo) mobilized in support and defense of the vendors who have been targeted by the municipal authorities of Nezahualcóyotl.

The popular, democratic and revolutionary youth camp was successfully developed with the presence of dozens of girls and boys from various regions in Mexico. Various cultural, workouts, workshops and a plenary session were held at the camp. In the following few days the organizers will announce the resolutions of the camp.


Graffiti in support of the Brazilian revolutionary peasant movement was reported in Turku with the slogans “Long live the LCP,” and “Solidarity with the revolutionary peasant movement!”


The New Brazil Committee in Lyon held a an action in solidarity with the revolutionary peasant movement and the LCP outside of the Brazilian consulate. Activists hung banners defending the revolutionary peasant struggle and denouncing the attacks against Camp Manoel Ribeiro. Red paint and pamphlets were thrown to represent the blood of the peasants that had been spilled in the “Battle of Santa Elina” in 1995.

United States


Electronic traffic signs in Austin were reprogrammed to light up with the slogans “May 1 International Workers’ Day!” and “It Is Right to Rebel!” in honor of International Workers’ Day.

Graffiti with the slogans “Make a Casket for the Old Society! May 1 International Workers’ Day!”, and “It Is Right to Rebel!” with hammer and sickles were also reported throughout the city.

On April 22, Popular Women’s Movement (PWM-MFP) demonstrated in front of the Texas State Capitol against the recently passed Heartbeat Bill (SB-8) and similar legislation which would in effect ban abortion past six weeks. They spoke on the opportunistic bans pushed by Greg Abbott and other politicians during the pandemic, voicing demands that he not sign the new Heartbeat Bill (HB1515), as well as demanding free and safe abortions for all.

Members distributed a pamphlet (Defend the Right to Abortion!) to passersby, which explained how the ruling class benefits from these backwards bans, and why working women must ultimately conquer and defend power in order to maintain their right to reproductive freedom. One attendee told Tribune that when politicians play these games “[working class women] are the collateral damage.” Members chanted, “A woman’s place is in the fight, workers of the world unite!” 


The Oxnard support committee distributed pamphlets on the history and importance of International Workers Day at a popular shopping center.


The Pittsburgh support committee held a study in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune and explained the significance of the proletariat seizing power for the first time. 


Supporters in Houston distributed Tribune pamphlets on the history and importance of International Workers Day at a local park.


Flyers calling for the commemoration of May 1, International Workers’ Day, were reported throughout the city.


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