Week in Struggle: April 30-May 6


Banners signed by the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) have been documented in the Mayıs and Esenyurt districts of Istanbul celebrating the 49 year anniversary of the Party, reading, “To 49 Years” and “To 49 Years of the Proletarian Party, TKP/ML,” along with the insignia of TKP/ML and the Liberation Army of the Workers and Peasants of Turkey (TİKKO) 


In Ananindeua, Pará the Anani Popular Solidarity Committee showed solidarity with the peasants of Camp Manoel Ribeiro during its May Day celebrations. The video they made starts with the slogans “All support for Camp Manoel Ribeiro!”, “Long live the fight for land!” and “Land for those who live and work on it!”

On April 25, members of the Popular Student Revolutionary Movement (MEPR) made posters with the slogan “Vaccines for the people now!” and posted them throughout the city center of Niterói and in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro.

Peasants from the Renato Nathan area, in Messias, Alagoas organized by the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) held a solidarity action with Camp Manoel Ribeiro. In the video, the peasants raise the LCP flag and salute the struggle of the peasants in Camp Manoel Ribeiro. The slogans “Conquer the land, destroy the latifundium!” and “Even if the thing thickens, this land is ours!” are chanted in the video.

A number of popular organizations also issued a joint statement in solidarity with Camp Manoel Ribeiro, such as Popular Alternative – PR and House of Resistance – FOB-BA, Federation of Revolutionary Union Organizations in Brazil (FOB), among many others. Concluding the statement with “Long live Camp Manoel Ribeiro and the peasant resistance! Conquer the land, destroy the latifundium!”

A group of democratic organizations also issued a statement in support and solidarity with the LCP, concluding their statement with “Death to the latifundium! Long live the agrarian revolution!” and “Total and unrestricted support to the League of Poor Peasants! It is right to rebel!” The flyer reads, “The people don’t want crumbs they want power in their hand.”

The Popular Women’s Movement (MFP) released a statement in celebration of the 22 years of resistance in Vila Bandeira Vermelha. The villagers also recorded a video in support of Camp Manoel Ribeiro, saying, “We residents of Vila Bandeira Vermelha in Betim Minas Gerais, declare our unconditional support to the peasants of Camp Manoel Ribeiro — the last parcel of land on the old Santa Elina Farm to be conquered by the peasants of Brazil,” and raised the slogan “Long live the Agrarian Revolution!”


The Imbabura Workers’ Rights Defense Front sent workers to Buenos Aires, Imbabura, to express their support for the brave and determined struggle that the peasants and masses have been deploying against the mining companies who with the support of the Old State attack the sovereign decision of the masses to oppose the voracity and depredation of their natural resources. The images reads, “Buenos Aires zone free of mining! Combat and resist! Out with the Hanrine mining company!” and “The hyena of Buenos Aires, Gabriela Jaramillo governor of Imbabura.”


The Campaign in Solidarity with the League of Poor Peasants of Brazil, led by the Current of the Red Sun People (CP-Red Sun), shared solidarity actions that have been carried out in recent days in support of the fight for land. The mural reads, “There is no route other than ours” and the banner reads, “Full support to Camp Manoel Ribeiro and the resistance in Brazil! Long live the LCP!” The graffiti reads, “Solidarity with the LCP of Brazil, out with Bolsonaro!”


In Hamburg graffiti reading, “Down with the curfew, down with the state of emergency, and down with the government” was documented.

Two spontaneous rallies took place in front of the Brazilian embassy in Berlin this week. The speeches given highlighted the heroic struggle of the LCP for land in Rondônia and denounced the attacks by the Brazilian state, which is planning to carry out a massacre against the peasants. They shouted the LCP slogan “Um, dos, tres, quatro, sinco mil avanca a Liga por todo Brasil!” (One, two, three, four, five thousand advance the League throughout Brazil!)


A group of workers from Upper Austria gathered to show their support for the Brazilian peasants in their struggle for land and also issued the following statement: “As part-time farmers and workers from Austria, we show solidarity with the poor peasants in Brazil. Your struggle is justified, we are resolutely against any attempt at criminalization. We strongly condemn the cruel and bloody massacre of the fighting peasants in Brazil. Solidarity with the struggle of the poor peasants in Brazil!” The posters read, “Solidarity with the poor peasants in Brazil” and “No criminalization of the revolutionary peasant movement in Brazil.”


In Switzerland a group of activists carried out an act of international solidarity with the LCP and the Brazilian revolutionary peasants, holding up banners and flags and giving speeches on a megaphone while handing out a pamphlet titled “Expanded International Solidarity with Resistance and the Struggles of Revolutionary Peasants Led by the League of Poor Peasants (LCP)” which was published by the Union of European Migrant Workers (AGEB).


In Athens, a demonstration by the Union of European Migrant Workers (AGEB) was held to protest the attacks of the fascist Bolsonaro against the struggle for land of the poor peasants in Brazil.

United States


Graffiti raising the slogan, “People’s Justice for Alex Jr., RIP,” was reported near Alex Gonzales’s memorial in East Austin.

Graffiti with the slogan, “Long live the Brazilian Agrarian Revolution!” was documented in Austin.

Los Angeles

Graffiti commemorating the 203th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx, the founder of the ideology of the proletariat, was documented. The graffiti reads, “Viva Marx! Long live Marx!” accompanied with a hammer and sickle and a red flag.


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