Austin: Community Marches for Alex Gonzales Jr.

By Brian Martel

On May 8, over a hundred people marched for Alex Gonzales Jr., and other victims of police violence through East Austin. Protesters demanded the conviction of officers Luis Serrato and Gabriel Gutierrez who murdered Alex Jr.

The march started at the Huston-Tillotson University and finished at Chicano Park. “No Justice, No Peace,” and “Justice for Alex!” were chanted throughout the march. Onlookers joined in chanting, cheered the marchers on, and raised their fists in solidarity.

Once at Chicano Park, activists gave speeches on the need to support the families and victims of police violence and continue the fight to demand justice. Justice will only be achieved when “the people are able to stand and fight for themselves,” said Carin, an activist and supporter of the Gonzales family.

The Gonzales family was resolute and united on their demand to fight for Alex and go after the police officers who killed Alex Jr. “We’re coming for you. We’re gonna get justice,” said Alex Jr.’s sister, Angel Gonzales. 

Jessica Arellano, Alex’s partner who was shot by Austin police and lay on the ground as officers gunned down Alex, was also present. She carried a sign that said “I survived police brutality” and her child, the infant son of Alex, wore a shirt that said “Cops killed my daddy.”

Brenda Ramos, mother of Mike Ramos murdered by Austin police last year, was also present at the march.

“I’m here and I’m still fighting for justice for my son,” said Ramos. “We’re gonna get through this. For all that need justice—Alex, Mike, everybody that’s calling for justice—it’s gonna be done.”

Activists put forward the demand to convict and arrest without bail the murderers of Alex Jr., Officers Luis Serrato and Gabriel Gutierrez, who are currently on paid leave from the Austin Police Department.


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