Three Years Have Not Silenced the Call to Present Dr. Sernas Alive!

By the Editorial Board

May 10 marked the three year anniversary of the forced disappearance of the revolutionary Mexican lawyer and servant of the people Dr. Ernesto Sernas García by the Old Mexican State. Ever since his disappearance, the comrades of the democratic revolutionary organization Current of the People – Red Sun (CP-Sol Rojo) have raised the demand for his presentation alive, making it the first of their five demands as part of their Campaign for Justice and Rights of the People.

Following Dr. Sernas’s disappearance, an international campaign in solidarity with the democratic struggle in Mexico was immediately launched, with revolutionaries across Europe, Latin America, and the United States joining in the calls for his presentation. His whereabouts have been concealed by the state ever since, during which hundreds of solidarity actions, many combative, have been carried out by revolutionaries around the world who continue to raise the slogan “Present Dr. Sernas Alive!”

Dr. Sernas is a revolutionary lawyer and law professor at the Universidad Autónoma “Benito Juárez” de Oaxaca. He has dedicated his career to defending political prisoners and fighters for the people. He was last seen in San Agustín de las Juntas, Oaxaca, before being abducted on May 10, 2018 by the reactionary Mexican state for defending 23 activists of CP-Sol Rojo.

In 2015, the Sol Rojo militants were arrested and charged with terrorism and possession of military-grade explosives, for which they served a 14-month sentence at a high-security prison in Oaxaca. Dr. Sernas’s defense of the 23 political prisoners throughout the three-year trial exposed the state’s violation of due process, the hiding of exonerating evidence, the fabrication of evidence and charges, and the use of torture against the accused. Comrade Javier López Martínez, one of the 23 political prisoners, died before all the militants were acquitted in November 2018. The state mobilized its paramilitary forces to remove Dr. Sernas in the middle of the trial.

This May 4 at a rally in Oaxaca City, CP-Sol Rojo made a call to action to press the demand for the presentation of Dr. Sernas, and on May 12 they occupied multiple attorney general (AG) offices throughout the state of Oaxaca. Revolutionaries in Mexico continue to carry out the call to flood the streets and plazas with red flags in honor of Dr. Sernas.

Demonstrations were held outside of the AG offices in San Antonio de la Cal, Valles Centrales, Zanatepec, and Tehuantepec in commemoration of the three-year anniversary of Dr. Sernas’s disappearance. Activists raised the red flag and demanded the presentation of Dr. Sernas alive and the liberation of all political prisoners. In Tehuantepec, demonstrators spray-painted the AG office with slogans demanding Dr. Sernas’s whereabouts and a barricade made up of tires was set ablaze.

Dr. Sernas is a shining example of what it means to be a servant of the people. He fearlessly conducted his work to defend the people from the state’s legal assaults, and during his current absence we have seen the strengthening of the revolutionary forces in his home country and the flourishing of international proletarian solidarity with the heroic people of Mexico. Tribune of the People stands with the revolutionary masses of Mexico and backs their fight against state repression as they organize the undefeatable struggle for a new society. On the third anniversary of Dr. Sernas’s disappearance we loudly echo their demand, “Present Dr. Sernas Alive!”


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