Week in Struggle: May 7-13


TIKKO Guerrillas in Turkey captured weapons, including grenade launchers, rocket launchers and guns at the end of April. Resistance is growing in the face of at least four more murders of revolutionaries by the Turkish state, of which little is known except one name, Murat Yildiz, who was killed in a bombing raid. 


In the city of Messias, in Alagoas, peasants from many movements protested in honor of May 1, and for the struggle for land. Groups present included the Poor Peasants League (LCP) and the Land Struggle Movement (MLT). Barricades were created, banners denouncing Bolsonaro and the Old State were reported. Other banners seen celebrated International Worker’s Day. Banners read, “Long Live International Worker’s Day; Take All Land from the Power Plants,” and ” Down with the military government of genocidal Bolsonaro.”

On May 9, peasants from the Revolutionary Area José Ricardo showed solidarity to peasants fighting for land in Camp Manoel Ribeiro with slogans and banners reading, “Down with Bolsonaro’s military and genocidal government!” and  “All support to Camp Manoel Riberio!”

Activists of the Revolutionary Popular Student Movement (MEPR) distributed A Nova Democracia newspapers and agitated on the streets in support of the LCP and Camp Manoel Ribeiro on May 1. The banner reads, “Long Live Camp Manoel Ribeiro! Long Live the Fight for the Land!”

A banner was seen in Curitiba, Paraná, with the slogan “Long live International Workers Day! Vaccines for the people now!”

The day after Brazilian military police invaded the Jacarezinho favela in Rio de Janeiro, and massacring 28 people, hundreds of demonstrators took the streets to protest the war operation. In attendance were families of the victims, residents, activists from the people’s movements. The march lasted three hours and denounced the police’s operation and the daily humiliations the police carry out against the people. A large banner was held with the slogan “Against the Genocide: Rebellion is Justified!” signed by Red Unity – Youth League and the Popular Revolutionary Students Movement. The march arrived to the front of the local police station where police emerged to intimidate the march with riot gear and other weapons.



On May 7, the Imbabura Worker’s Defense Front and the Committee of Poor Peasants joined a protest at Ibarra against mining companies in La Merced de Buenos Aires, Imbabura. The old state is giving land that rightfully belongs to the peasants to large mining companies, leaving the peasants with poor quality land and causing pollution and natural disasters. The flyer reads, “Buenos Aires Mining Free Zone,” “Combat and Resist!” “Mining Company Hanrine Out!”


On May 4, an rally was held in Oaxaca City by the Inter-Union Federation, with the National Independent Union of Health Workers (SINTS), the Unique Union of Community Tele-Baccalaureate Workers-State of Oaxaca (SUTTBCEO), Free National Union of Social Security Workers (SNLTSS), and activists from Current of the People-Red Sun in attendance. A large banner was hung on the city government building and speakers announced strikes to be held for better wages and working conditions. 


In Caen, France the Revolutionary Youth (JR, original acronym) organized a distribution of leaflets and a college of posters urging fellow high school students to mobilize and organize to repeal the Baccalauréat exam, a standardized test in France that allows access to universities and other forms of higher education. JR stated in a document, “let’s organize and fight for a true education in the service of the people, for a dignified future, let’s fight for the conquest of power by the workers to establish an emancipatory society where the people will have power, socialist society!” A rally was held by the Revolutionary Youth in Caen at a high school where students have received unprecedented police and administrative repression as students attempted to block access to the school in protest of the Baccalauréat exams.


Tjen Folket Media published new photos and video of the May Day celebration in Bergen. Demonstrators raised the slogans “Combat and Resist!” and “Revolution is the best crisis package.”


In Tampere, solidarity posters with the revolutionary peasant movement in Brazil were reported.

In Turku, posters in honor of Victory Day, which commemorates the formal acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Germany’s unconditional surrender, were reported.


Socialist Republicans in Belfast commemorated the Loughgall martyrs on Saturday May 8, at the Andersonstown barracks. The Loughgall martyrs were 8 Irish Republican Army (IRA) fighters who were killed by British reactionary forces.

A delegation from Anti Imperialist Action Ireland and Belfast Revolutionary Socialist Republicans attended a commemoration for Sean McCartney who died fighting for the liberation of Ireland on May 8, 1921 at 23-years-old. The event was organized by Aontacht at the Milltown Cemetery.


Activists in Melbourne hung up a banner in solidarity with the Brazilian peasant movement at a public housing complex. There has been an ongoing campaign at the complex to raise awareness for the Brazilian peasants’ ongoing struggle.

United States

Los Angeles

In South Central Los Angeles, Serve the People-LA spoke to passersby and youth riding bikes about the struggle for people’s struggle for the victims of police violence. A banner was held that read, “People’s Justice for the victims of the police! Alex Flores, Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo.”


Graffiti commemorating the 41st anniversary of the Initiation of Armed Struggle (ILA) in Peru was reported. Slogans read, “Long live the People’s War in Peru!”, “ILA 80! Long live the People’s War in Peru!”, and “Political Power Grows From the Barrel of the Gun! ILA 80!”

Ft. Worth

One banner demanding People’s Justice for the Victims of the Police was reported on Allen Ave just a block from were Atatiana Jefferson was murdered by police. The banner read, “People’s Justice for the Victims of the Police. Atatiana Jefferson, Jonathan Price, Charal Thomas. Ashton Pinke, Craigory Adams.”

A second banner with the slogan, “It Is Right to Rebel Long live the May Uprising!” was reported on the West 7th Bridge. The bridge was combatively taken by the people during the May Uprisings last summer. Water bottles and fireworks were thrown at police during the take over of the bridge.

Kansas City

Graffiti commemorating the anniversary of the Initiated of Armed Struggle in Peru was reported. Slogans read, “Long live the Initiated of Armed Struggle in Peru, 1980!” and “Long live the People’s War in Peru!” accompanied with a hammer and sickle.


The Oxnard Tribune of the People Support Committee spoke to people at a local shopping center about the importance of a revolutionary newspaper in the US that represents workers. Newspapers were sold to supportive sympathizers.


On Saturday, Serve the People Pittsburgh held a press conference with Desha Knight, the mother of 18-year-old Jameel. Those present demanded that Jameel’s charges be dropped, he is currently on house arrest and is facing multiple felony charges after being profiled by police. Tribune encourages its readers and supporters to donate to the family’s legal fund.


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