Worker Correspondents: UPS Steals Workers’ Wages, Denies Benefits Through Staffing Firm

Photo Credit: Tribune SC

By Noah Long

Orlando UPS workers often have wages stolen from their paychecks; in one egregious case a worker did not receive pay for four full days. UPS employs many workers through the staffing firm Adecco, which it uses to avoid providing benefits to full-time workers who would normally receive them.

Workers routinely receive paychecks that do not reflect the number of hours they work; it isn’t uncommon for workers to not be paid for full days of work. Schedules are provided only the day before the next shift, making it difficult for workers to track hours and overtime.

When workers report stolen wages, they are shuffled from one company representative to another and are never compensated. Paychecks are provided through Adecco, which UPS uses to wash its hands of the theft.

In addition to withholding benefits and stealing wages, UPS uses Adecco to avoid training workers. Workers who obtained their forklift license through Adecco may have never driven a forklift before and are told they will be trained on the job. This training is inadequate and puts workers’ lives at risk.


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