Biden’s Praise for ‘Diplomacy’ in Israel Gives Cover to US Imperialism

Cover photo: Mahmud Hams/AFP

By the Editorial Board

On Thursday, both the Israeli government and Hamas announced a bilateral ceasefire agreement after eleven days of intense aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip. Although Biden has openly supported the brutal wave of indiscriminate violence committed by Israeli forces, pledging to replenish their arms supply and raising the tired line of Israel’s “right to defend itself,” he has also tried to paint himself as a leading force in the “de-escalation” of the conflict.

Biden’s unwavering support for Israeli repression is nothing new for US imperialism—Trump did the same while in office, and Biden served as vice president under Obama as the US supported the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) during the 2014 war in Gaza, in which over 2,300 Palestinians were killed. In fact, Secretary of State Tony Blinken, who served under Obama as deputy national security adviser, spoke at a forum for the American Jewish Committee, in which he claimed that Democrats were the party most supportive of the Israeli State. He cited an incident in 2014 in which Israel was pleading for more arms and the administration’s only response was “get it done.”

While Biden has called for “de-escalation” within the United Nations Security Council, in which the US plays the leading role, US imperialism twice vetoed a joint declaration calling for a ceasefire between Israel and Palestine. The United Nations may claim to be a ‘democratic’ organization, but the largest imperialist powers like the US, China, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom play a leading role in deciding what actually happens, deploying the veto power at will.

Israel is not just a moral question for the US, but an important asset for US imperialism as a staunch ally in the Middle East. Biden’s administration, like its predecessors, is compelled to support Israeli colonialism in Palestine as an economic imperative, one that bolsters the market share of US imperialism and ensures access to raw materials in the region, especially oil.

While some so-called ‘progressive’ Democrats have made a show of condemning Israel’s violent assault, they remain in a position of propping up the very same imperialist State making it possible. They use words like ‘disproportionate,’ to condemn the assault, implying that the problem lies not in Israel’s colonialism and daily violence against the Palestinian people, but only in the way in which they do it. Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez even put forth efforts in both the US Senate and House of Representatives, respectively, to ‘block’ a $735 million arms sale to Israel, in what the monopoly media called a largely “symbolic” action since the deadline to act to oppose the deal had already passed.

Social democrats like the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) have issued hollow condemnations of the assault in Gaza; however their main priority has continued to be campaigning in US elections and funneling the rebellious energy of the people back into the decrepit system of US imperialism under the guise of ‘changing the system from within.’ Regardless of public pronouncements, the reality is that US imperialism has supported the state of Israel since its creation, and this will not stop regardless of who holds office until it becomes disadvantageous for the ruling class.

The focus of the so-called ‘progressive’ media as well as the Democrats and DSA has been on the victimhood of the Palestinian people. While there is absolutely no doubt that Palestinians are subjected to daily oppression and violence at the hands of the IDF and the US imperialists who back them, they neglect the heroic resistance of the masses throughout the Israeli territories, as well as in the West Bank and especially groups like Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip.

We cannot neglect the vicious and bloodthirsty actions of the Israeli State, but we also cannot gloss over those who have refused to back down and returned fire against colonialism and US imperialism. While some may claim that the fight is unwinnable, we should remind all readers of the US withdrawal in Afghanistan in the face of a resilient insurgent movement led by the Taliban, as well as the stalled peace talks in Yemen as the Houthis continue to be a formidable adversary against the US-Saudi coalition. US imperialism is a paper tiger, a villain that appears strong but is actually weak as it continues to decay, day by day, and relies on increasing repression and exploitation to keep itself afloat—negotiating with the enemy when it is incapable of relying on force alone.

While the politicians and the monopoly media are always quick to condemn violence ‘on both sides,’ equating Palestinian resistance and national liberation with Israeli colonialism, doing so serves to hide the influence of US imperialism as the driving force behind these contradictions. Calls for ‘peace’ in the face of violent displacement and occupation only serve to reinforce the current miserable order—one which leaves the Palestinian people in a constant state of trying to eke out an existence under their oppressive conditions.

Both the Israeli and US States claim that IDF attacks are meant to be ‘targeted’ operations against militants; however, the statistics roundly refute these assertions. Both in 2014 and in this current conflict, nearly a quarter of those killed by Israeli attacks have been children, showing once again that the assault on Palestinians is in fact indiscriminate and genocidal, meant to break the resistance of the Palestinian people as a whole, while the IDF claim that they are only attacking combatants in a military operation.

US imperialism has a vested interest in keeping the reactionary Israeli State, especially its military, propped up with billions of dollars in aid. It uses the false narrative of ‘Jews against Muslims’ as a way to conceal the national and international implications of this conflict and obscure its own role as the sole hegemonic superpower in the world today. It is preferable for US imperialism to ‘keep to peace,’ so to speak, as a method of containing international outrage and saving face as the leading proponent of Israeli colonialism.

At the end of the day, no false ‘peace’ or ‘two-state solution’ can solve the issue of Palestinian national oppression. It is only through the will of the Palestinian people, their fierce resistance and grasp of revolutionary violence, that they can defeat Zionist colonialism and their US imperialist backers.


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