Long Live the Initiation of Armed Struggle in Peru, 1980!

By the Editorial Board

May 17 marks the day that the Communist Party of Peru (Partido Comunista del Perú, PCP) and revolutionaries around the world commemorate the Initiation of Armed Struggle, when the ongoing People’s War in Peru was launched 41 years ago in 1980. Known as ‘Inicio la Lucha Armada (ILA 80),’ the day is a milestone not just for the heroic people of Peru and their Party, but is a historic advance for the international proletariat. Over the course of the People’s War in Peru, Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the PCP, synthesized Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as the third and highest stage of the ideology of the proletariat, which has burst forth from the Andes with the necessity to impose it as the command and guide of the World Proletarian Revolution.

In Chairman Gonzalo’s interview of the century with El Diario in 1988, he tells how and why the PCP chose to initiate the armed struggle when it did:

“We studied the country, particularly from World War II on, and we saw that in its process of development Peruvian society was entering a complex situation. The government’s own analysis showed that critical questions would present themselves in the ’80s.”

Applying Maoism, Chairman Gonzalo was able to analyze the concrete conditions of Peru and synthesize the plan to initiate the armed struggle, in order to take advantage of the mounting crisis of bureaucratic capitalism, in particular those embodied in its farcical electoral process. ILA 80 was inaugurated with an election boycott action in which PCP militants attacked a polling station and burned the ballot boxes in the town square of Chuschi, in Ayacucho.

Today, the PCP continues to fight the People’s War, and the election boycott is still a key part of this. In a statement to celebrate this year’s ILA 80 anniversary by the Peru People’s Movement (Movimiento Popular Peru, MPP), an organization that carries out the PCP’s work abroad, the MPP affirms the election boycott as the Big Bourgeoisie in Peru holds another round of elections in order to legitimize its reactionary rule:

“The boycott policy applied according to the current conditions in which we unfold is fair and correct in the forging and growth of a massive anti-electoral torrent linked to the development of the people’s war. The voice of order is simple and concrete: Do not vote! And the clear and resolute slogan: Elections, no! People’s war, yes! For the General Reorganization of the Party!”

In the US, revolutionaries carry out election boycott campaigns as part of the effort to reconstitute the Communist Party of the USA, thus following the directive to constitute or reconstitute the Communist Parties the world over, as instructed by Chairman Gonzalo and further concretized in ILA 80. To initiate armed struggle, the PCP had to impose the left line on the right, its Red Fraction engaging in fierce two-line struggle in order to first reconstitute the Party and purge revisionists, those phony ‘Marxists’ who want to distort the ideology of the proletariat. These genuine revolutionaries went on to establish the line of militarization of the Party and the universality of People’s War as the sole military strategy of the working class.

With the aforementioned principles and more, the People’s War in Peru confirmed the synthesis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, the ideology of the proletariat. We live in the era of the strategic offensive of the World Proletarian Revolution, as shown by the wars of resistance and great uprisings in the oppressed nations—from Latin America to the Middle East and beyond. The leadership of these mass upheavals must be conquered by militarized Communist Parties guided by Maoism in order to carry them further and accelerate the destruction of imperialism and reaction, which is inevitable.

Although the People’s War in Peru experienced a bend in the road after Chairman Gonzalo was captured in 1992 and the opportunists within the Party attempted to end the armed struggle with ‘peace accords’ with the Old State, the PCP is reorganizing itself in the midst of and for the victory of the People’s War. In the mountains of Vizcatán, Comrade Laura builds the Party through war and carries forward the lessons of Chairman Gonzalo, continuing to apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, the guide of the revolution in Peru. Against the capitulationist and revisionist lies of the Right-Opportunist Line led by the rat-traitor Jose, who sought to liquidate the People’s War and defame Chairman Gonzalo in service to US imperialism, the PCP continues to lead the People’s War and march forward. As promised by Chairman Gonzalo, they will never put down their guns until all the people of the world enter Communism.

Chairman Gonzalo is currently the world’s most guarded political prisoner, isolated in the dungeons of the reactionary Peruvian state at the Callao Naval Base. No matter where he physically resides, he remains the leadership of the PCP, of the Peruvian revolution, and holds his post as the greatest living Communist on the face of the earth. The People’s War in Peru, which Chairman Gonzalo set on its unstoppable path in 1980, continues to cut through the darkness with its great dagger and shine across the world.

Long Live the 41st Anniversary of the People’s War in Peru!

Long Live the Initiation of Armed Struggle in Peru, 1980!


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