Week in Struggle: May 14-20


On May 11, a police officer was killed outside his home in Chhattisgarh, allegedly by five members of the People’s Guerrilla Liberation Army, led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist).


On May 16 in Istanbul, militants of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) commemorated the 48th anniversary of the murder of İbrahim Kaypakkaya, the founder of TKP/ML. The militants threw molotov cocktails and chanted slogans in support of Kaypakkaya and the People’s War in Turkey. A statement was read which included, “Our party, the TKP/ML, will march on; with the People’s War we will achieve victory with the People’s War.”


On May 14, thousands of students including activists from the Revolutionary Popular Student Movement (Movimento Estudantil Popular Revolucionário, MEPR) protested against the closing of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). UFRJ stated they would have to close due to a lack of funding from the state under President Jair Bolsonaro. The revolutionaries carried a banner reading, “Bolsonaro and the generals, enemies of education! No to distance learning!”

Graffiti, signed by revolutionary youth organization Red Unity – Revolutionary Youth League (Unidade Vermelha – Liga da Juventude Revolucionária, UV-LJR) and the students of the MEPR, were documented in Curitiba and São Paulo in solidarity with Camp Manoel Ribeiro, with the slogans “Land to those who work it! Long live Camp Manoel Ribeiro-Rondônia!” and “Land to those who work it! All support to Camp Manoel Ribeiro-Rondônia!”

The UV-LJR also held a demonstration on May 13, the day slavery was ‘abolished,’ in Salvador, Bahia. The demonstration denounced the Brazilian state’s genocide of Black and poor people, agitating against the crimes committed against the poor peasants of Camp Manoel Ribeiro, led by the League of Poor Peasants (Liga dos Camponeses Pobres, LCP), who have faced severe repression for occupying fallow lands and building productive farms in their place.

A large demonstration was held on May 19 against cuts in education and repression against poor peasants seeking land at the Federal University of Rondônia. The demonstration was organized as part of the “National Day of Struggle: Education needs to resist!” which was initially called for by the students, but was supported by many other democratic organizations. Slogans included, “Against cuts in education funding! In defense of health, science, and decent living conditions for the people! Vaccine now!” and “Freedom for political prisoners at Camp Manoel Ribeiro!”, “Down with Bolsonaro, Mourão [the Brazilian Vice President], and the genocidal generals!”, and “Against hunger, unemployment, and famine! It is right to rebel!”


Revolutionary student activists from the Popular Student Movement (Movimiento Estudiantil Popular, MEP) have been working on a campaign to form struggle committees in public schools, despite the imposition of distance learning measures which isolate students. They have been working on four main points of action: 1) Defend free public education at all levels, 2) Fight bureaucratization of academia, 3) Defend the autonomy of universities, with no intrusion from the Old State or electoral parties, 4) Support the new democratic revolution.


In Freiburg on May 8, two rallies were held in celebration of the defeat of the Nazis and Hitlerite fascism, followed by speeches calling for people to organize for revolution.

Also in Freiburg, graffiti was documented in solidarity with the LCP, reading, “Long Live the LCP,” along with hammer and sickles.


On May 7 in Vienna, a “Prevent the Massacre” rally was held in solidarity with the LCP, condemning the plan to massacre poor peasants fighting for land in Camp Manoel Ribeiro in Brazil, with a banner reading “Against the criminalization of the struggle for land in Brazil!” along with the LCP’s insignia.


In Paris, Rennes, Bordeaux, and Caen, the Revolutionary Youth (Jeunes Revolutionnaires, JR) took part in demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinian people. The role of French imperialism and its support of the Israeli state was denounced. Leaflets and posters were also distributed against the imprisonment of Lebanese political prisoner Georges Abdallah, whose release has been prevented for more than 37 years.

Slogans included, “Faced with the colonial attacks of Israel, the Palestinians are revolting for their right to national liberation from imperialism and colonialism!,” “Where there is oppression, there is resistance,” and “Let’s fight together with the people of Palestine!”

Activists from JR in Caen have continued their support of demonstrations of high school students across France against the inequalities of the 2021 baccalaureate, a nationwide test that is still being instituted in the face of distance learning and decreased quality of education generally, calling for it to be cancelled. The activists carried a banner reading, “High school students are right to rebel!”

In Reims, TKP/ML militants commemorated the state’s murder of İbrahim Kaypakkaya, founder of the TKP/ML, by hanging a banner reading, “The Communist leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya is immortal!”


Revolutionary activists with the Struggle Committee participated in demonstrations in Kristiansan, Bergen, and Trondheim in support of the Palestinian resistance to Israeli repression. The posters included slogans such as, “Free Palestine” and a banner with the Israeli and American flags with “Terrorists” written on it.

Graffiti was also documented reading, “Crush Israel, long live Palestine!”


In Turku, graffiti was documented in solidarity with the poor peasants in Brazil fighting for land as well as the LCP, a leading force and collective organizer of peasant resistance, reading, “Long live the revolutionary movement of poor peasants in Brazil!”


In Copenhagen, revolutionary activists held a demonstration in support of the struggle of the poor peasants of Brazil. They distributed leaflets explaining the importance of the movement and condemned the struggle for land and the massacre that the Brazilian state is preparing against the poor peasants in Rondônia. Their banner read, “Down with the criminalization of the struggle for land!”

United States


The Tribune Support Committee in Austin carried out agitation in support of Dr. Sernas Garcia, a revolutionary lawyer disappeared by the reactionary Mexican state three years ago, at a flea market with a banner reiterating the demand of Mexican comrades, reading, “Present Dr. Sernas Alive!” They also distributed Tribune’s recent editorial on Dr. Sernas.


Supporters of Tribune of the People in Houston held a yard sale on May 15 to raise funds for those arrested in the May Uprisings. The supporters raised roughly $500 for political arrestees.


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