The DSA Props Up the Electoral Farce in Peru

By the Editorial Board

Editor’s Note: Since publication, an important article on the elections in Peru was published by the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist online newspaper, Communist International. We encourage our readers to read their piece to deepen their understanding further on this important topic: FAILURE OF THE REACTIONARY ELECTIONS, THE ROLE OF THE LOD (MOVADEF) AND THE ACTIONS OF THE “FEUDAL WARLORDS” OF VRAEM.

In recent weeks, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) announced their goal to send “election observers” to be present as Peru conducts run-off elections on June 6 between the comprador Keiko Fujimori and the opportunist, phony “socialist” Pedro Castillo. Not content to only back US imperialism and its farcical elections in their own country, the DSA are planning to “monitor” the presidential elections in Peru and aid in the sanitizing of the bureaucratic capitalist regime of the Old Peruvian State. The DSA are not only raising money for this vile venture, but will conduct an online seminar in which they will praise Castillo and defend the bureaucrat landlord State’s electoral farce, providing a platform to Castillo’s party, Peru Libre, and the bureaucratic faction of Peru’s big bourgeoisie (ruling class).

The DSA willfully ignores the revolutionaries in Peru who speak and act based on the concrete conditions of their country and the essential truth that the Old State can go no further. The ruling class’s elections are nothing more than attempts to legitimize their dying regime. This is the correct position of Marxist-Leninist-Maoists around the world.

The ruling class in Peru, servants to US imperialism, drive for a “new constitution” and a “constituent assembly” to lend democratic airs to their efforts to save the bureaucratic capitalist system. Bureaucratic capitalism is the type of capitalism that develops in the countries oppressed by imperialism, characterized by a struggle between private monopoly capital (the comprador faction) and state monopoly capital (the bureaucratic faction), and the preservation of semi-colonial and semi-feudal conditions.

While the DSA seeks to rehabilitate the Peruvian ruling class’s electoral farce, the working class and the poor peasantry increasingly reject ruling-class elections, demonstrated by the April 11 polls in Peru where absentee votes along with spoiled and blank ballots together far outperformed both Fujimori and the DSA favorite Castillo.

Pictured left to right: Pedro Castillo, Keiko Fujimori

The Communist Party of Peru (Partido Comunista del Perú, PCP) initiated their armed struggle to seize state power for the people on May 17, 1980 with an election boycott action, burning ballot boxes in the town square of Chuschi. The PCP has rightly upheld the policy of the election boycott ever since.

This year’s presidential elections are the project of the same string of bureaucratic capitalist regimes which have maintained the semi-colonial, semi-feudal conditions in Peru in service of imperialism, principally US imperialism. The character of the elections has not changed because a supposedly ‘left-wing’ candidate gained traction in the polls, no matter the DSA’s fantastical position on the matter.

What do revolutionaries in Peru have to say about the second round of elections, the elections whose integrity the DSA intends to preserve? In a recent statement released in commemoration of the 41st anniversary of the Initiation of Armed Struggle (Inicio de la Lucha Armada, 1980; ILA80), the Peru People’s Movement (Movimiento Popular Peru, MPP), which conducts the abroad work of the Communist Party of Peru, says:

“The dispersion of votes and vagueness mark the General Elections in April; the second round is the most sinister farce to manipulate the masses both by the comprador faction and by the bureaucratic faction of the big bourgeoisie to serve the same objective of trying to drag the masses to appoint a new President, ‘bending the arms of citizens’ to present him as ‘anointed by a majority of votes’ (‘legitimized’) in response to the rejection of the masses they will resort to instilling fear by calling to vote for the ‘lesser evil.’”

The DSA is parachuting into Peru to aid the big bourgeoisie in twisting the hand of the Peruvian people, mirroring DSA’s own conduct within the US. They call for a ‘lesser evil’ in Peru just as they called for the election of the ultra-reactionary Biden, using the fear of Trump as their cattle-prod. They are political agents of imperialism, and they should be denounced for their backing of opportunism and US imperialism in Peru. The DSA makes a mockery of proletarian internationalism, rotted to the core by their distortions of socialism and opportunistic use of Marxism.

To take DSA’s word for it, Castillo is the “left-wing candidate from the Peru Libre party,” but we must unite with the Peruvian revolutionaries on his true nature. The MPP identifies Castillo as an “arch-opportunist” and a “strikebreaking teacher, a servant of the board (Ministry of Education).” His party, Peru Libre, represents the bureaucratic faction of the big bourgeoisie, and his opponent, Keiko, represents the comprador faction and its fascist Fuerza Popular party.

DSA has lined up right behind the reactionaries, opportunists, and revisionists alike against the People’s War, following their slavish devotion to US imperialism all the way to Peru. As Castillo has risen to the front of the electoral pack, the rest of the opportunist garbage has gathered behind him, including the right-opportunist line (ROL) of the capitulationist and revisionist Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights (Movimiento por Amnistía y Derechos Fundamentales, MOVADEF). MOVADEF, backed by US imperialism and the CIA and under the guise of granting amnesty to former combatants, continues to attempt to tarnish the PCP’s leadership, Chairman Gonzalo, and liquidate the heroic People’s War, which continues during the general reorganization of the Party.

Castillo won ‘first place’ in the first round of elections with less than 16% of the vote. Voting is mandatory in Peru, but still nearly 30% of the population abstained in April—among the votes cast, the number of blank and null ballots exceeded the amount of ballots that elected Castillo. Even when they obligatorily go to the polls, many Peruvians maintain their disdain for the electoral process. ‘Blank’ is Peruvian voters’ preferred presidential candidate in response to the gallery of bourgeois criminals on display. This is the ‘democracy’ that Peruvians themselves dismiss, yet DSA seeks to legitimize, just as it props up the sham ‘democracy’ in the United States, where the DSA feeds the corpse of the Democratic Party and funnels votes and opportunist candidates into the imperialist electoral meat grinder.

With its interest in documenting the ‘legitimacy’ of the elections in Peru, DSA is also going by the playbook of their imperialist masters, who seek to declare elections illegitimate when their preferred candidate does not win. It does not matter whether it is Trump, Clinton, or Gore—one side of the ruling class declares elections illegitimate when the opposing party wins, yet the electoral process itself is still something to be worshiped and defended. Meanwhile, a large portion of the Peruvian people see the elections as illegitimate, as we have already demonstrated.

In their fundraising pitch to buy plane tickets for their “election observers,” the DSA claims their “delegation will work to preserve the democratic outcome of the election.” They mean to preserve bourgeois democracy, which is opposed to the new democratic revolution in Peru —a revolution led by the working class and their Communist Party to overthrow semi-feudalism, bureaucratic capitalism, and imperialism that will continue uninterrupted toward socialist revolution.

The DSA arrogantly ignores the conditions and history of Peru, in which the People’s War led by the Communist Party of Peru continues and the election boycott remains in place. DSA has crossed a picket line, and is a scab to the people of Peru and the international proletariat.

Regardless of who wins the presidency in Peru, one thing is guaranteed: they will be at the head of the bureaucratic capitalist state pursuing its fascist and genocidal aims against the Peruvian people and their Party. As the MPP says, the big bourgeoisie “need ‘legitimized’ authorities in the face of their further collapse to continue to apply their ‘low intensity war’ to seek to annihilate the PCP and the People’s War, to prevent the general reorganization of the Party in and for the People’s War.” DSA has added its signature to this war on the Peruvian people and their revolution, and for this they should be condemned for the export of their electoral cretinism and opportunism to Peru.

The DSA as an organization, and principally its leadership, is devoid of all revolutionary principles, and is an especially insidious deceiver of progressive people in the US who seek out a real path towards a new society. Some, especially progressive youth, are seduced by the DSA’s co-optation of revolutionary language and Marxist ideas, language which masks the bourgeois hand which controls it. Anyone with sincere revolutionary goals should abandon the DSA. It is a leech that latches itself on to the electoral farces in the US and worldwide, and it will be buried with the corpse of US imperialism as the World Proletarian Revolution advances.


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