Week in Struggle: May 21-27


On May 17, security forces for the Old State shot and killed nine people and arrested another six for protesting against a recently-built police camp just outside the village of Silgar, in a zone controlled by the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA), under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist). The police camp was built in an attempt for the Old State to retake power in the area and in retaliation for a battle in which PLGA members killed 20 enemy troops. Soon after, more than 1,500 villagers protested outside the camp to demand the release of the six arrested. The next day, a police platoon leader was killed by a remotely detonated explosive device, which police claim was planted by the PLGA.


On May 20, as part of the “National Day of Struggle,” hundreds of students protested in the streets against education funding cuts, and also for vaccinations for the people and the freedom of imprisoned peasants in the state of Rondônia in the Western Amazon, persecuted by the state for taking part in the struggle for land.

Multiple instances of graffiti denouncing the military government of president Jair Bolsonaro were documented in Curitiba, Paraná and Guarulhos, São Paulo. They read “Down with wages of hunger and misery! Down with the genocidal military government of Bolsonaro!” and were signed by the revolutionary organizations the Worker’s League (Liga Operária) and the Popular Student Movement (Movimento Estudantil Popular).

Graffiti was also documented across Brazil in support of the League of Poor Peasants (Liga dos Camponeses Pobres – LCP) and the ongoing struggle and land occupation by poor peasants in Camp Manoel Ribeiro with the slogans, “Down with the genocidal military government of Bolsonaro! Long live the LCP! Death to the latifúndio [large landlords]!” and “All support to Camp Manoel Ribeiro! Long live the LCP!”

Graffiti demanding vaccines for education workers was also found, translating to “Vaccines for teachers and all education professionals now!” signed by the revolutionary organization Red Unit – Revolutionary Youth League (Unidade Vermelha – Liga da Juventude Revolucionária).

Solidarity with Palenstine was shown with graffiti, signed by the Revolutionary Front for Defense of the Rights of the People (Frente Revolucionária de Defesa dos Direitos do Povo) and translating to “Down with the Zionist state of Israel! Long live Palestinian resistance!”


Revolutionary organizations like Youth Resistance (Resistencia Juvenil) have continued to participate in the ongoing popular uprising and strike against the government’s anti-people policies including increased taxation and health reform. In spite of calls for protesters to be ‘peaceful’ by groups in the so-called “national strike committee,” the people, especially the youth, violently clashed with riot police for hours in Medellin. In some instances the police were forced to retreat as protests lasted late into the night.

Revolutionary activists, including members of the Student Movement in Service of the People (Movimiento de Estudiantes al Servicio del Pueblo) and the Revolutionary Youth League (Liga Juvenil Revolucionaria) showed solidarity with Brazilian revolutionary peasants’ movement and the democratic newspaper A Nova Democracia with banners reading, “Solidarity with the League of Poor Peasants of Brazil,” “The Colombian people support the peasants’ struggle in Brazil,” and “Long live the popular and democratic press!” Graffiti was also documented reading “LCP resists! Comrades, rise up! Land for those who work it!”


Graffiti commemorating the 48th anniversary of the murder of the founder of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML), Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, by the Turkish state were documented in Bremen, Freiburg, Hamburg, Bochum, Essen and Wuppertal with the slogan “Comrade Kaypakkaya is immortal!”


Activists in Upper Austria commemorated the 76th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi fascism at the former Mauthausen concentration camp with a march and banners reading, “Advance with the red unity of the working class against fascism and imperialism!” and “Combat and resist: for every job!”

The activists also commemorated the life of the Austrian communist Hermann Köhler, who was killed at Mauthausen, as well as the Turkish Communist and founder of the TKP/ML Ibrahim Kaypakkaya. The group stood in front of the monument to Soviet prisoners of war, whom made up a large portion of the camp. At the monument, they also raised a banner with the LCP’s insignia reading, “Solidarity with the struggle of the poor peasants in Brazil!”


This last Saturday in Caen, the Revolutionary Youth (Jeunes Revolutionnaires, JR) attended a demonstration held in support of Palestine. JR distributed leaflets demanding the immediate release of the Lebanese revolutionary fighter for Palestinian national liberation Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, who has been imprisoned since 1984 by the French State.

Graffiti was also documented in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people, reading “Imperialists=Terrorists.” along with a Palestinian flag. 


In Turku, a solidarity action was held in support of the LCP in Brazil and poor peasants’ struggle for land. Activists held a banner reading, “Rondonian government is responsible! Long Live the LCP!” Posters were also put up reading, “Solidarity with the revolutionary peasant movement in Brazil!”

Another demonstration was held in support of the LCP and the struggle for land in Brazil outside the Brazilian embassy in Helsinki with a banner reading, “Solidarity with the revolutionary peasant movement in Brazil!”


Graffiti was documented in Copenhagen reading, “Long live the People’s War in Peru! 41 Years!”

United States


Graffiti in Oxnard commemorating Day of Heroism, an international proletarian holiday to honor fallen martyrs of the Communist Party of Peru, was documented. The graffiti read, “Glory to the Day of Heroism June 19, 1986″ with two hammer and sickles.”


Graffiti supporting the ongoing workers strike at Austin-based JuiceLand was documented. The graffiti read, “Boycott JuiceLand! Solidarity with Striking Workers!”

Graffiti demanding the freedom of the four Brazilian peasants arrested in Camp Manoel Ribeiro was documented, reading, “Long Live the LCP! Free Ezequiel, Luis Carlos, Estefana, Ricardo!”

Graffiti commemorating the year anniversary of the May Uprisings was documented reading, “Peoples Justice for George Floyd! Long Live the May Uprisings!”


Graffiti celebrating the People’s War in Peru, which was initiated 41 years ago on May 17, 1980, was documented in Phoenix. The graffiti read, “Long Live the People’s War in Peru” with two hammer and sickles.

Kansas City

Graffiti in solidarity with the victims of police violence was reported in Kansas City reading, “People’s Justice for Victims of Police Violence.”

Los Angeles

Graffiti was documented demanding people’s justice for victims of police violence read, “People’s Justice for George Floyd and All Victims of Police Violence!”

Graffiti in solidarity with the People’s War in Turkey was documented near downtown. The graffiti read, “Long Live the People’s War in Turkey!” alongside a hammer and sickle and red flag.


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