Colombia: May 28 – Marking One Month of the Great National Strike (Video)

Editor’s Note: Tribune shares the following video published by the Colombian revolutionary newspaper – El Comunero Prensa, who have compiled footage from protests on May 28, which marked one month since the start of the massive uprisings taking place in the country. We have provided an unofficial English translation of the transcript of the video’s narration below.

By El Comunero

The past May 28 marked the first month of the Great National Strike, which in in truth has been a Great Popular Uprising without precedent in the last decades of our country, and which the popular masses decided to commemorate by fighting in the streets with more force.

According to a report from the Director of the Police, 151 marches, 197 demonstrations, and 109 blockades on main and secondary roads took place during the day.

We share a video with images taken from social networks, which we have compiled to give a small overview of what happened on the day of May 28. However, the magnitude of the protests is so great that these images represent a very small part of everything that has happened in the hundreds of places where diverse acts of protests took place.

An important feature of this Great National Strike has been the combativeness of the people in the streets, who since April 28 have carried out constant attacks against banks, state institutions, police stations and squadrons, large supermarkets, etc. The State has tried to divide the public with its campaign that the marches are infiltrated by “vandals,” wanting to deny that the public is tired and that when it rebels it attacks with violence against the institutions and companies of the dominant classes and imperialism. However, their campaign did not have the expected results, and this May 28, the combativeness and furiousness of the masses remained. According to a report by the police themselves, on May 28 alone, there were attacks on five commercial establishments, four transport stations, a radio station, seven banks, monuments, a motorcycle parking lot, a police station in Popayán, police substations in the municipalities of Madrid and Facatativá and eight police commands (in Cali, Pasto, Neiva and Yumbo). It all demonstrates that the people are tired of this old and rotting society, and that the Great National Strike still has vitality and strength.

One of the places where the struggle has been the strongest, has been the city of Cali and the surrounding municipalities. During this month, several of the fiercest battles have been concentrated there between the people and the repressive forces of the State. Likewise, all the people have paid with a large blood quota and several children of the people have fallen in combat. This May 28 was no exception, from the midday on there were several important occurrences, one of them was the popular lynching of a law enforcement official who, with his firearm, assassinated two young people who participated in the protests. The masses pursued him, grabbed him and made justice on their own terms: the law enforcement official was beaten to death as observed in videos. After these events the response of the state was greater repression, police, military, and armed civilians spread into the streets to shoot at the gatherings and mobilizations, causing dozens of injuries and at least three deaths.

After these events, the response of the reactionary and genocidal Duque and his boss Álvaro Uribe, has been to order the deployment of the army to crack down harder on protests and regain control of the country. Despite these threats, the atmosphere continues to be one of struggle and the people will continue to protest with even more force in the streets of the country. The Great National Strike continues, rebellion is justified.


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