Austin: Alex Gonzales Jr.’s Widow Confirms Details of His Murder by Police

Photo credit: Jenni Lee

By Jakob Stein

This past week, Jessica Arellano, the widow of Alex Gonzales Jr., confirmed that Gonzales did not have a gun when Austin police officers Gabriel Gutierrez and Luis Serrato murdered him in January of this year. She also confirmed that it was Gutierrez who was the aggressor against her and Gonzales as they were driving with their infant child in the Riverside neighborhood of East Austin.

In an interview with local ruling-class media outlet KVUE, Arellano tells how the plainclothes officer Gabriel Gutierrez, whom KVUE refused to identify by name, instigated the encounter by cutting them off with his vehicle, and then proceeding to shoot at them, injuring both Arellano and Gonzales.

She also disputes the claims of Austin Police Department (APD) that Gonzales had brandished a gun, which was used as the justification for his murder. While APD claim they found a gun on the floor by the driver’s seat, Arellano mentions that she never saw any gun, saying, “And he had no gun … Where is the gun? I never seen no gun.” At this time APD have not released any further details to back their claim that Gonzales had a firearm.

Arellano also details how both she and Gonzales attempted to attend to their infant child, Zane, in the backseat of the car, after bringing the car to a stop while both were wounded by shots from Gutierrez. She collapsed from multiple gunshot wounds before being able to check on her child as Gonzales was shot at ten times by Luis Serrato as he attempted to do the same, ultimately dying from his wounds at the scene.

Ruling-class media reports which uncritically uphold APD’s version of events and attempt to paint Gutierrez as an independent actor by referring to him as “off-duty” which only serve APD and the ruling class by obscuring his role as an active agent of the state.

Arellano’s story is one of pure horror as an agent of the state pushed her family into a deadly confrontation and escalated it, and ultimately executed her husband. To this day, she is still dealing with the physical pain of the gunshot wounds as well as the deep emotional trauma she suffered as a result of Gutierrez and Serrato’s actions as she must raise her infant son without his father.


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