Colombia: Report by the Communist Party of Colombia (Red Fraction) on the Great Uprisings

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This past week, an English translation of a report on the Great Uprisings in Colombia made by the Communist Party of Colombia (Red Fraction) was posted to the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist online newspaper, Communist International. The current massive wave of rebellion in Colombia is shaking the country to its core and this report is an important contribution from the Communists in Colombia who are fighting to lead the masses and impose Maoism as the command and guide of the Colombian revolution.

We seek to highlight some key excerpts and encourage our readers to read the full piece on Communist International’s website.

Read: Report of the Communist Party of Colombia (Red Fraction): On the Great Uprising of the Colombian People

In highlighting the sheer size and combativeness of the uprisings, as well as the brutal repression from the Old State, the CPC (RF) states:  

“The confrontations have left the old state and the reactionaries with a balance of 1 policeman dead and around 941 wounded, more than 1,000 public transport vehicles and 156 transport stations affected, at least 30 toll booths and 87 service stations destroyed, approximately 80 CAIs (police installations) reported with material damage, more than 421 bank offices and 400 ATMs attacked with fury by the people, around 300 actions of sabotage and popular recuperations against commercial establishments (mainly of big capital) and more than 7,000 activities of popular mobilization (marches, sit-ins, blockades, takeovers, etc.) distributed in 784 municipalities throughout the country that have the government on the ropes, which has desperately threatened to escalate the repression in order to lift the road blockades by force. The blood toll paid by the people during these days of struggle has also been high: at least 50 children of the people killed by the police or by armed civilians, around 800 injured, there are reports of more than 500 people missing and 1,400 arrested, 37 people with eye injuries, 21 registered cases of sexual violence against women of the people and the militarization of some cities of the country. All these figures can be summed up in a great truth synthesized by Maoism: after centuries of subjugation, misery and exploitation, it is right to rebel!”

The CPC (RF) also describes the activity of the phony socialists and liberal activists, saying:

“And opportunism and revisionism? Doing what they do best: throwing a lifeline to the old and decrepit Colombian state by containing and diverting the struggles of the people, channeling the immense popular indignation expressed in the streets towards the reactionary way out of the crisis that best suits their petty interests, in this case the renewal of bureaucratic posts within the state aiming at a change of government through the electoral farce. Taking advantage of the strong anti-Uribista [opponents of the policies of former president Álvaro Uribe, known for Plan Colombia, an anti-narcotrafficking and counterinsurgency plan which further militarized the Old Colombian State in service to US imperialism—Ed.] sentiment, they have openly propagated the idea that these days of struggle should become a ‘responsible vote’ for the next call for the electoral circus scheduled for 2022, bringing in a new ‘alternative government’ to administer the bureaucratic big landlord state for the next 4 years. With the presidential elections approaching, opportunism has been very active during the national strike, propagating among the masses its reactionary theses of pacifism and fraternization with the police, the abstract preaching of peace and the rejection of ‘infiltrators and hooligans’ (i.e., anyone who goes beyond the established order). Also the opportunists and revisionists of all stripes have played a key role in trying to demobilize the people by calling for ‘virtual sit-ins’ at the beginning of the protests or recently calling for weekly peaceful calls to counter what they call the ‘everyday, daily and hazardous mobilization.’ Having failed to contain the fury of the people, they have shamelessly promoted the idea of not ‘wasting forces’ in the current strike, which according to them has already achieved its objectives, and better to ‘accumulate forces’ thinking about next year’s elections.”

The CPC (RF) goes on to state that the demands won by the Colombian people were conquered through the great uprisings:

“Finally, it should be noted that in Colombia the national strike continues. In spite of some calls from opportunism aimed at demobilizing and dismantling the strike, the last day of national mobilization called for 12 May again had a massive participation and the banners of struggle have been extended beyond the tax reform. So far, as a result of the popular mobilization, some important demands have been won: the withdrawal of the criminal tax reform bill that triggered the protests, the resignation of the unpopular banker finance minister Alberto Carrasquilla who designed and defended the reform bill, the health reform proposal filed in congress is about to fall, the government has come out to promise that it will not charge tuition fees for university students from the lowest strata and that it will create thousands of jobs for young people in an attempt to appease the youth, the arrest of some police officers accused of the murders of children of the people during the protests and the resignation of some other public officials and high-level police commanders, but none of this has managed to extinguish the flames of popular rebellion. The Colombian people in the streets are demanding that the bloody wave of repression against them be stopped and that justice be done and the executioners responsible for the more than 50 murders perpetrated directly by the state through its legal repressive apparatus (police, ESMAD, army) and its illegal armed wing (hired assassins and paramilitaries) be punished; they are demanding the release of the more than 1,400 political prisoners captured in the midst of the protests.”

Noting their own role in the Great Uprisings, the CPC (RF) proclaims:

“The great task before the true communists is to take an active part in this new wave of popular rebellion by fighting on the streets together with the people, agitating and propagating the great revolutionary perspective more strongly among the masses, helping the masses to synthesize the lessons gained in the struggle, distinguishing their friends and foes as well as the road they must take to conquer their rights, and organizing them under the guidance of Maoism “avupg” [acronym used by the Colombian comrades for the universally valid contributions made by Chairman Gonzalo] towards the true revolutionary solution to the economic, political and social crisis that the country is going through, thus forging the force that with years of intense work among the masses will be able to confront the old power wielded by the big bourgeoisie and landowners of the country.”

To conclude, the CPC (RF) raises the following slogans:

Long live the great uprising of the Colombian people!

Honor and glory to the heroic Colombian masses!

Long live Maoism! Down with revisionism!

Forward comrades! For the reconstitution of the Communist Parties, the beginning of new People’s Wars in the world, the advance of the People’s Wars already under way and the World Proletarian Revolution as the only way out of the crisis!


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