Week in Struggle: May 28-June 3


During the massive protests across Brazil on May 29, demonstrators showed their support for the League of Poor Peasants ( LCP, Liga dos Camponeses Pobres), who have been fighting to keep their land under threat of massacre by the government. A banner signed by the Revolutionary Popular Student Movement (MEPR, Movimento Estudantil Popular Revolucionário) in Rio de Janeiro read, “Immediate freedom for the four peasants arrested at Camp Manoel Riberio.” Other banners in Campinas and Recife read, “Solidarity for Camp Manoel Ribeiro!” and “Freedom for the political prisoners of Camp Manoel Riberio!”

On June 2, Peasant Resistance (Resistencia Camponesa), the journal that documents the peasant struggle in Brazil, published a new video of the peasants in Camp Manoel Ribeiro running the Old State’s troops off their land with fireworks and stones. The peasants shouted “Conquer the earth!”, “Destroy the latifundio!”, and “One, two, three, four, five thousand, advances the League [of Poor Peasants] throughout Brazil!”

Graffiti in support of the LCP was documented with the slogans, “Long Live the LCP! Death to the latifundio [big landlords]!” and “All support to Camp Manoel Riberio! Long Live the LCP! League of Poor Peasants!”


On May 26, activists with Current of the People Red Sun participated in the International Day of Action in commemoration of the 80th month since the disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa normalistas (students training to be teachers in rural colleges).


In Frankfurt on May 29, 90 revolutionaries gathered to commemorate Turkish Communist and founder of the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) Ibrahim Kaypakkaya. Speeches and musical performances were given in Turkish and German at the rally. Demonstrators chanted, “Our Leader Ibrahim, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya,” and “Long live our Party TKP/ ML, under the leadership of Our People’s Army TİKKO, and Turkey Marxist Leninist Youth Union Central Committee (TMLGB)!” Demonstrators also carried a banner reading, “Comrade Kaypakkaya is immortal!”


Revolutionary activists participated in rallies in support of the heroic Palestinian resistance and in defiance of the Austrian’s government prohibition of demonstrations in support of Palestine in Vienna and Innsbruck. The Vienna demonstration opened with We are here today to demonstrate against Israel, for the freedom of Palestine! One larger banner read, “Down with imperialism and the racist state!”

The Innsbruck rally was organized by various anti-fascist and anti-imperialist organizations and was held on one of Innsbruck’s busiest street and attended by roughly 150 people. Speeches were given in Arabic and German discussing the situation on the ground in Palestine as well as the role of US imperialism. 

A rally commemorating the 48th anniversary of comrade İbrahim Kaypakkaya was also held in Innsbruck. Roughly 100 people attended and speeches emphasized the role Kaypakkaya played in tackling important issues regarding Turkey and Kurdistan.


The Revolutionary Youth (Jeunes Révolutionnaires) of Caen continued their solidarity campaign for Palestine by participating and supporting the ongoing demonstrations with the heroic Palestinian resistance. 

The Revolutionary Youth of Guingamp participated in a demonstration in support of local schools demanding regional languages (i.e. Breton, Basque, or Alsatian) be part of the curriculum. At the rally, activists declared, “The struggle for the defense of regional cultures is linked to our struggle for a better world, respect for the different cultures that compose the world, hence our presence today alongside the people of Breton.” 


TKP/ML militants in Belgium commemorated the 48th anniversary of İbrahim Kaypakkaya’s martyrdom with a banner reading “Communist leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya is immortal! Long live the People’s War!”


TKP/ML militants in the Netherlands also erected a banner to commemorate the 48th anniversary of Kaypakkaya’s martrydom with the slogan, “Communist leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya is an immortal symbol of resistance!”


In Tampere, graffiti demanding the release of four imprisoned Brazilian peasants was documented reading “Release Ezequiel, Luis Carlos, Estefane and Ricardo! Long live the LCP!” along with the faces of the imprisoned peasants.


In Copenhagen, a demonstration was held in front of the Brazilian embassy with a banner reading, “Down with the criminalization of the struggle for land!” The demonstrators handed out fliers in support of the LCP and the struggle for land against the semifeudal Brazilian state.

United States

Kansas City

Graffiti reading, “Glory to the Day of Heroism, June 19, 1986” with a hammer and sickle was documented in Kansas City. Other graffiti read, “Glory to the Day of Heroism,” and “Long live the People’s War in Peru!” The Day of Heroism is celebrated internationally by communists and revolutionaries in honor of the fallen militants of the Communist Party of Peru who fought to their death in the shining trenches of combat of Lurigancho, El Fronton, and Callao prisons on June 19, 1986.

Graffiti reading “Long live the People’s War in Turkey” with a hammer and sickle was also documented.


Graffiti was seen commemorating Garret Foster, murdered by active-duty US Army sergeant Daniel Perry last year during the May Uprisings. The graffiti reads, “Honor and Glory to Garrett Foster Servant of the People, Defender of Black Lives!” Graffiti commemorating the year anniversary of the May Uprisings was also documented with the slogan, “Long live the May Uprisings!”


On Sunday, the Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group (OxRev) held a community gathering, or ‘Convivio’ in Spanish. About 30 people attended the event and activists went over past and current campaigns carried out by the organization and emphasized the importance of fighting poor working conditions and police brutality in the city. The event also featured food, games, art and a raffle.

Graffiti in Spanish reading, “Viva el gran levantamiento del pueblo Colombiano” (Long live the great uprisings of the Colombian people) with a hammer and sickle was also reported.

Los Angeles

Graffiti reading, “Glory to the Day of Heroism June 19, 1986” with a hammer and sickle was reported.


Graffiti demanding People’s Justice for local victims of the police was documented reading, “People’s Justice for the victims of the police! Antwon Rose, Romir Rose Talley! Long live the May Uprisings!” alongside a hammer and sickle. Elsewhere, graffiti was seen reading, “People’s justice for Romir Talley,” and “Long live the May Uprisings!”


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