Activists Call to “Free Georges Abdallah!” in Solidarity Video

As part of an international week of action for political prisoner Georges Abdallah taking place from June 12-19, activists with the Palestine Solidarity Committee and Red Aid recorded a video statement to echo the demand for his immediate release from the French prison where he has been held since 1984.

The Palestine Solidarity Committee is a student group based at the University of Texas at Austin, and Red Aid is a group of activists that organizes defense for political prisoners in the US and builds support for political prisoners internationally.

Tribune shares the activists’ video below, which gives further background on Abdallah, and we express our own solidarity for the movement to Free Georges Abdallah and add our voice to the demand for his immediate release.

Free Georges Abdallah!

By Palestine Solidarity Committee and Red Aid

Palestine Solidarity Committee and Red Aid echo the international demand for the freedom of Georges Abdallah! Georges Abdallah is a Lebanese freedom fighter for Palestinian liberation, and is also recognized as Europe’s oldest political prisoner. He was arrested in France for allegedly carrying a forged Algerian passport in 1984 and was sentenced to four years in prison. However, due to him being a member of the Lebanese Revolutionary Armed Factions and ultimately a fighter for Palestine, the French state and other allies of Israel took his repression even further and sentenced him to life in prison, based on accusations that he was involved in the assassinations of several imperialist military officials and oppressors of Palestinians. Georges Abdallah remains in the shackles of the French state after being kept in a cage for nearly four decades, despite qualifying for release since 1999!

Every step of the way, the U.S. government has made sure to wield their power in order to ensure that Georges Abdallah will not be free. In 2012, when France’s Sentence Enforcement Court ruled that Abdallah should be released and deported back to Lebanon, Hillary Clinton, who was the Secretary of the State at the time, personally called the Minister of Foreign Affairs to ask that Abdallah’s release be denied. The United States government clearly understands that Georges Abdallah’s anti-imperialist politics are a threat to our government’s stranglehold on the oppressed people of the world. This is why they’ve blocked his release, and this is exactly why we must play our part in mobilizing mass support in the U.S. for political prisoners who fought for Palestinian liberation.

Georges Abdallah has spent over half his life in French prison. He is a political prisoner who has fought back against oppressive states that will gladly keep him behind bars for the rest of his life to ensure that up until his final days, he is denied his dignity and freedom. This is especially egregious in the wake of the COVID pandemic that has put prisoners at a higher risk of illness and death. Despite his isolation, people around the world are making it known that Georges Abdallah will NOT be forgotten and that we will NOT tolerate the imperialist system’s attempts to punish him for fighting for a better world. We will continue to campaign for his release so that the imperialist legal system will buckle under pressure and have no choice but to release him.

Georges Abdallah is a fighter not a criminal, he risked his freedom to fight for Palestine, and we will fight tooth and nail to ensure that what is his will be returned!

Free Georges Abdallah!

Fighting for a better world is not a crime!


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