Mexico: In Memory of Comrade Saúl Morales Hernández

The following is an unofficial translation of the article, “In Memory of Comrade Saúl Morales Hernández” published by Current of the People – Red Sun (Corriente del Pueblo-Sol Rojo).

On June 10, 2021, the heart of a combative worker stopped beating. He was one of those proletarians surprisingly capable of embracing revolutionary theory and embodying it in their daily life, putting it into practice. 

Comrade Saúl Morales Hernández, affectionately known as “Chino Pelón” among the Sol Rojista (Red Sun) militants, passed away and left his struggle for the working class and the people as an example.

Saúl was a worker in the bottling industry and was part of the support committee of the Inter-Union Federation in the H2O purified water bottling plan and led the struggle for free unionization. Together with the working masses of the bottling company, a strike erupted, demanding union registration from the labor authorities. Later, when the union leadership he was in was dismissed, he led a sit-in at the city center with his red and black flag on his shoulder. 

In spite of this momentary defeat, when the bosses and the state established the sleazy union Revolutionary Confederation of Workers and Peasants (CROC, for its abbreviation in Spanish), Saúl and a hand-full of well-conscientious comrades decided to take action against this unjustified firing and continued agitating clandestinely inside the factory. 

Perhaps, in the words of Léon Chávez Terxeiro, “it was too early and very few entered organized struggle,” but comrade Chino Pelón never lost his confidence in the forces of the class to which he belonged to in flesh and in thought. He lived to give himself to his class, fusing his destiny to it. 

Saúl continued as an activist of the Inter-Union and he expressed his solidarity with the struggles and strikes of education and health workers. He was also in solidarity with garbage collectors and scavengers (pepenadores). He joined the struggles of the Inter-Union and its various unions. 

When the time came to take firm positions, Comrade Chino Pelón took the path of breaking with revisionism firmly and consistently embraced Maoism. “We are Chinese to the core,” he said while letting out his laugh that flooded everything.

Firmly, he could be seen moving barricades in Hacienda Blanca, holding back the advances of the federal police on June 19, 2016. Repelling gas, guiding the youth, and fighting tyranny. 

“We are no longer the same as we were yesterday,” his voice thundered at the constituent assembly of our democratic organization. 

“We cannot allow ourselves to be the same as voters and negotiators,” his voice thundered at the first public act of our militant organization. 

Saúl Morales Hernández, convinced of the need to agitate the program of the New Democratic Revolution, fully joined the work of the Press and Propaganda Commission.

Who does not remember him in the marches, in the Isthmus, in Oaxaca, in Mexico City? Marching with Red Sun, marching with the Inter-Union, marching with the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE, Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación), also marching with the young normalistas (students who attend rural teachers’ colleges), waving, the democratic and revolutionary newspaper, Periódico Mural in hand.

Our Chino Pelón, with his flag around his neck, or cloaked in it. Our combative comrade Saúl, making the flag a standard and a combat weapon, beating the pigs, also beating the renegades and opportunists.

A few days ago, seriously ill, his family took him to Chiapas – the land where he was born, to spend his last days with them.

He managed to say goodbye to the militants that visited him. Taking his red flag in his hand, he said goodbye to his comrades with a smile and his eyes filled with tears.

A front-line combatant has departed!

A great element of our organization has departed!

One of the best sons of the Mexican working class has departed!

An essential person has departed!

Comrade Saúl, comrade Chino Pelón, the Sol Rojista flags that you proudly raised and defended today bow in your memory. We swear to you, comrade, that we will know how to carry them, raise them and defend them with the love and indestructible trust with which you did.

Saúl Morales Hernández, you live in the hearts and struggles of the working class and the people!

Honor and glory to comrade Chino Pelón!

Long live the working class!

Central Committee

Press and Propaganda Commission

State Committee-Oaxaca

Red Sun Village Stream

June 10, 2021


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