Week in Struggle: June 18-24


On June 19, hundreds of thousands of people rose up in over 400 cities throughout Brazil against the genocidal government of president Jair Bolsonaro, exceeding the numbers from protests earlier this month. Various democratic organizations including the Revolutionary Popular Student Movement (MEPR, Movimento Estudantil Popular Revolucionário), the League of Poor Peasants (LCP, Liga dos Camponeses Pobres), and Popular Women’s Movement (MFP, Movimiento Feminino Popular) participated in the protests alongside the people. Not only did the people protest against the lack of COVID-19 vaccinations, as the death toll in Brazil reached half a million, they also protested cuts in education funding. The democratic organizations also demanded freedom for the four peasants from Camp Manoel Ribeiro who were arrested earlier this month.

The militancy of the protests was high as police and state agents were expelled from multiple protests. Protesters carried banners reading “Down with the genocidal government of Bolsonaro!”, “Immediate Freedom for the four peasants of Rondônia!”, “Down with funding cuts! Defend public and free universities!” and “Long live the LCP!”, among others.

Students from Dawn of the People (Alvorada do Povo) held an action in solidarity with the LCP at a bus terminal in Curitiba, attracting the attention of thousands of people on their way to work. They carried a banner reading, “All support to Camp Manoel Ribeiro! Long live the League of Poor Peasants! Death to the latifundio (large landlords)!” as they distributed leaflets and gave a speech in support of the LCP.

Graffiti was also documented in Curitiba in support of the League of Poor Peasants, reading “Long Live the LCP!”


Large posters in solidarity with the mass uprisings of the Colombian people against the Ivan Duque government were documented throughout Oaxaca City. The posters read, “Long Live the Great Uprising of the Colombian People!”


Revolutionary activists in Freiburg took part in several rallies over the past week against the meeting of the interior ministers and the increasing reactionization of the state. The protesters denounced a local fascist who attacked antifascists and a protest medic, as well expressed solidarity with the ongoing uprisings of the Colombian people.

In Bremen, a mural was documented in honor of Saúl Morales Hernández, a Mexican revolutionary who passed away on June 10. The mural reads, “In Memory of Our Dear Militant Comrade of the Red Sun and Member of the Press Commission, Comrade ‘Chino Pelon’ Our Deepest Condolences to Your Relatives and Goodbye for the Last Time Comrade!”


In Linz, activists organized an event with Partizan, a Turkish/Kurdish organization, in celebration of the 150 year anniversary of the Paris Commune. Attendees commemorated the martyrs of the Paris Commune, and a plaque was created for the martyrs of the Austrian and Turkish revolution.


In Paris, the organization Revolutionary Youth (Jeunes Revolutionnaires) was present at a rally demanding the liberation of Georges Abdallah, a Lebanese political prisoner of the French State. Abdallah has been imprisoned for over 37 years for his role in the struggle for Palestinian national liberation.


In Tampere, activists rallied in solidarity with the revolutionary peasant movement in Brazil, in particular the LCP and the four imprisoned peasants of Camp Manoel Ribeiro. The protest condemned the governor of Rondônia, colonels of the Military Police, and the bodies of repression headed by the security secretary.

United States


Graffiti calling for People’s Justice for Antwon Rose II, a young Black man killed by Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld in 2018, was documented.

A banner demanding the freedom of the four Brazilian peasants Ezequiel, Luis Carlos, Estefane, and Ricardo was reported.


Graffiti in solidarity with the revolutionary Brazilian organization the League of Poor Peasants (LCP, Liga dos Camponeses Pobres) was reported. The struggles of the peasants for land in Brazil are violently repressed by the landlord-bureaucratic state, as a consequence of the repression of the de facto military government headed by the fascist Bolsonaro, many peasant leaders and activists of the LCP have been imprisoned, of which the comrades Ezequiel, Luis Carlos, Estefane and Ricardo remain in prison.

Other graffiti in the city read, “People’s Justice for All Victims of Police Brutality”.


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