North Carolina: Over 200 Workers Face Layoffs in ABB Manufacturing Plant Closure

Photo: An ABB building located in Germany

By Dontay Stevenson

Over the course of the month following July 5, ABB plans to lay off all 265 workers at their electrical industrial motor plant in Kings Mountain, closing it completely on August 5.

ABB is a multinational electrical equipment manufacturer headquartered in Switzerland. In statements to ruling-class media, the company cited “negative market conditions in both the oil and gas and mining industries” as the reason for the plant’s closure. Despite this, the company is still moving forward with its planned $39.9 million expansion of its manufacturing plant in Mebane, North Carolina.

Tribune spoke to a former employee at ABB who had been released prior to the layoffs. She stated that for most workers, the layoffs came without any warning. She also explained that the plant was outsourcing work and already beginning to get rid of temp workers, and that while full-time employees will receive severance packages, the temp workers have received nothing.

The worker also expressed concern to Tribune about her family and friends facing layoffs in the coming weeks. She said that her father will lose his job soon, and that she was worried about him being able to find work at his age after working at ABB the majority of his life. “My family basically grew up at ABB,” she said.


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