Los Angeles: Police Detonate 5,000 Pounds of Fireworks in Neighborhood, Injure Residents

Photo: The police-caused fireworks explosion as seen from a nearby street (Source: OC HAWK)

By David Martinez

On the evening of June 30, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) detonated an estimated 5,000 pounds of seized fireworks on a residential street in a South Central neighborhood, injuring seven residents, three seriously. Nearby vehicles were destroyed and flipped over, and the windows of homes and businesses in the blast radius were shattered in the massive explosion.

The explosion took place in an LAPD bomb squad vehicle—a semi truck with a steel container that was developed for the supposedly safe detonation of explosive materials. Rather than transport the materials to another location away from residences, the police chose to carry out the detonation on the spot. The explosion tore through the container with little resistance, sending debris in all directions, including hitting a house two blocks away with a one-ton piece of the vehicle itself.

One LA resident who was about four miles away, in MacArthur Park, told Tribune that the blast sounded pretty much like thunder. Some of us thought it was a bomb.”

The remnants of the bomb squad truck after the police detonated the fireworks (Source: ABC 7)

Monopoly media has portrayed the explosion as simply a mishap and passively attributed the explosion to the police. The Associated Press’s headline read, “17 injured in blast after illegal fireworks seized at Los Angeles home,” while the local CBS affiliate KCAL9 headlined it as “Questions Swirl As Investigation Into South LA Fireworks Explosion Proceeds,” neither clearly identifying the police’s role in causing the explosion.

The ruling-class media has mainly parroted police narratives and focused on the fact that the fireworks were being sold illegally, while glossing over the dangerously inept behavior of LAPD, who set off a massive explosion in the middle of a residential neighborhood. In addition to the injured residents, ten of the state’s own police officers were injured in the explosion.

In an effort to justify the bungled operation, the police have misleadingly referred to some of the fireworks, a portion of which were handmade, as “improvised explosive devices”—a term used for a weapon of war. The mangled wreckage of the semi truck remained in the neighborhood Thursday morning, keeping local streets shut down as traumatized residents dealt with the terrorizing presence of LAPD and other law enforcement.

Setting off fireworks is a tradition in cities across the US for the Fourth of July holiday. In South Central, the old State used this tradition as another means to criminalize the people and put them in harm’s way. LAPD, who seized the fireworks under the guise of public safety, instead sharply illustrated their criminal disregard for the lives of the people of Los Angeles.


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