Worker Correspondents: Exposing the PIT5 Amazon Fulfillment Center

By Anon at PIT5

I work at the PIT5 Amazon fulfillment center. June 17 was when I saw the article that you wrote about the gas leaks and machinery breakdown. It was passed around by a small group of us. We all agreed on how you wrote it.

PIT5 is bad, not as bad as some… but it is bad. You said in the article that the belts can only handle 65,000 packages a day. Well, a day is divided into four sorts: morning, day, twilight, and night. Each of those sorts can have a maximum of 45,000 packages each.

I was not there for the issue you wrote about, but I got texts about it from a coworker who I trained with about it. During the spring, we had what smelled like an acetone spill on the main belt during my time during night sort. The smell was worse than a nail salon.

They didn’t do anything but put us on break early. They said they were gonna call the fire department but I don’t think that happened. I actually felt sick and lightheaded.

People complain about how bad their body hurts and management is still clueless about why so many get hurt. Now, I can’t group all of management together—some are competent.

I talk with a bunch of coworkers and we wish we earned more for how physically demanding this job is. I’m currently 21. I constantly joke about how, with this job, I’ll have arthritis by 28.

They really don’t give a damn about us. The reason I stay is because it pays more than my last job and I do have benefits… but at what cost?

I appreciate the work you guys do. We need you to be our voices… we are silenced. If we speak, we could be fired. During our training we are told to not talk ill about our job. Thank you, again.

Editor’s note: We are humbled and grateful for this worker’s support. In our view, it is the workers who are the real heroes, such as Anon at PIT5, and we strive to provide an honest, revolutionary platform to expose the conditions they face under this outdated system. We welcome any workers who wish to expose conditions at their workplace by becoming a workers’ correspondent to reach out to us at


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