Week in Struggle: July 2-8


Approximately 100 members of the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army, under leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), allegedly set fire to a corporate mining site under construction on July 4. They fought with forces of the Old State and escaped with no losses. Incursions by extractive industries serving imperialist profits is a flash-point in the people’s war in India as the Indian people fight for land.

On June 30, a police informant was beaten and killed. Monopoly media claims that a note signed by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) was left claiming the action.


Protests once again erupted across Brazil on July 3. Many issues were raised by protesters, including the demand for the end of fascist president Jair Bolsonaro’s government, the demand for mass vaccinations, and the need for adequate emergency financial aid. Workers denounced the ongoing genocide that has claimed the lives of more than 523,000 people through the mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous revolutionary groups were present including the Popular Women’s Movement (Movimento Feminino Popular), Red Unit-Revolutionary Youth League (Unidade Vermelha – Liga Da Juventude Revolucionária), and the Popular Revolutionary Student Movement (Movimento Estudantil Popular Revolucionário). Support was also shown for the League of Poor Peasants (LCP, Liga dos Camponeses Pobres) who have been fighting for land and facing state repression as well as the four peasants arrested in connection with the struggle.

Graffiti was seen in support of the peasant’s struggle for land and the LCP, reading, “Long live the LCP! Death to the latifúndio [big landlords!]”

The Revolutionary Front for the Rights of the People put up graffiti memorializing of the recently-deceased Comrade Saúl Morales Hernández, also known as “Chino Pelon,” who was a Mexican revolutionary from the Current of the People Red Sun (Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo) as well as several workers’ organizations. The graffiti reads, “Honor and glory to Comrade Saúl Morales! Chino Pelon, present in the struggle!”


On July 3, the Popular Youth Brigade (Brigada Juvenil Popular) painted a mural honoring the recently-deceased Mexican revolutionary Comrade Saúl Morales Hernández, reading, “Farewell Chino Pelon!” along with his image and a hammer and sickle flag.


The Front for the Defense of the People’s Struggles (Frente de Defensa de Luchas del Pueblo del Ecuador) held an educational presentation in support of the four arrested peasants from Camp Manoel Ribeiro in Brazil. The activists also pasted a poster reading, “Freedom for the four peasants of the LCP Brazil!”


In Hamburg, a demonstration was held on July 3 in solidarity with the great uprisings in Colombia, with speeches given highlighting the murderous role of the Colombian state and praising the heroic struggle of the Colombian people as well as all the other peoples of Latin America. In Colombia the people are rising against the state which is a lackey to US imperialism and sells out the interests of the people for the interests of the propertied few.


In Vienna, a mural was documented celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The mural reads, “July 1, 1921 – founding of the Communist Party of China. Despite persecution and revisionism: Maoism lives and fights on! “

Also in Vienna, revolutionaries participated in a protest against the government’s plans to cut education funding. Under the slogan “Education needs more, not less resources,” hundreds turned out to support their local teachers and schools against the state’s choice to serve the interests of capitalism against those of the people.


In Trondheim and Gudbrandsdalen, banners and flags were documented commemorating the Day of Heroism, upholding the memory of the resistance of revolutionary Peruvian prisoners who fought to their death against the genocidal plans of the Old Peruvian State. Banners in Trondheim stated “Long live the day of heroism!” and “Long live the Communist Party of Peru!”


In Turku, posters were documented celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, reading, “Crush Revisionism, uphold Maoism, CPC 100 years”.

In Tampere, a mural was documented in solidarity with the 100 year anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, reading, “Long live the Communist Party of China 100 years! Unite under Maoism!”

United States

The Tribune Support Committee in Charlotte hosted a cookout to discuss how the 4th of July is not a holiday for the people but for US imperialism. Attendees discussed how the US was founded as a bourgeois democracy that relied on slavery and colonialism to eventually become the sole hegemonic imperialist superpower that it is today. The event finished with burning a US flag and smashing Uncle Sam and Joe Biden piñatas.

Graffiti was also documented in Los Angeles, Austin, and Kansas City in solidarity to the League of Poor Peasants in Brazil. Slogans included “Freedom for Brazilian political prisoners from Camp Manoel Ribeiro!”, “Immediate freedom for Ezequiel, Luis Carlos, Estephane, and Ricardo! Long live the Brazilian agrarian revolution!”, and “Long live the LCP!”


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