Austin: Activists Release Solidarity Video for Four Brazilian Peasant Political Prisoners

Editor’s Note: The following is a video created by Red Aid, a group of activists supporting political prisoners in the US and worldwide. The activists have made a solidarity statement to support the four Brazilian peasants who were arrested on May 21 in the western Amazon state of Rondonia, and who were denied release after a judicial hearing on June 29. The four young peasants, Ezequiel, Luis Carlos, Estefane, and Ricardo, were from Camp Manoel Ribeiro, a settlement established by the League of Poor Peasants (LCP, Liga dos Camponeses Pobres), which at the time was under siege by state military police. The LCP has called for support in Brazil and internationally to raise the demand for the immediate release of the four political prisoners.

Statement Transcription:

We stand in solidarity with the four Brazilian peasants who were recently denied their freedom by the Brazilian courts. The first arrests took place on May 14 at the Camp Manoel Ribeiro, where an illegal encirclement of the camp by landowners and the police had been occurring. It was during this encirclement that the four peasants were arrested by military police and have since been in custody as they face charges of criminal association, attempted murder, and illegally carrying weapons. On June 29 during a farcical hearing for the peasants, prosecutors ignored video evidence of the peasants’ innocence and denied their release, stating that keeping them in custody was necessary to maintain “public order.”

The denial of these young people’s freedom is a cowardly attempt on the part of the Brazilian government to criminalize and intimidate those who justly fight for their land. However we know that the peasants cannot be frightened into complicity and will continue to fight on the path to justice against those who work to deny them their land. We know that the peasant struggle is a struggle shared around the world, a struggle that inspires oppressed people the world over to take action against their unjust conditions. It is an indispensable part of the fight for a better world! This is why we here in Austin stand in solidarity with those who fight in the just and righteous struggle for land, and demand the immediate release of political prisoners Ezequiel, Luis Carlos, Estefane and Ricardo!

Free the political prisoners from Camp Manoel Ribeiro!

Liberta todos os prisioneiros políticos!

Free all political prisoners!


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