San Fernando Valley: March Against Police Murder of Chris Garcia and Guillermo Amezcua

By Serran Soledad

On July 17, anti-imperialist organization People’s Struggle SFV (PSSFV) organized and held a march along with community members to demand justice for Chris Garcia and Guillermo Amezcua, both murdered by the police in southern California in recent months.

Garcia was shot to death by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) following a vehicle pursuit as he surrendered at a northbound 5 Freeway offramp last month, and Amezcua was shot 90 times while he was inside of his parked car in April by San Fernando Police Department (SFPD).

Around 15 people first gathered at Garcia’s memorial site next to where he was gunned down by LAPD. The memorial was decorated with flowers, balloons, photos of Garcia, and baseball gear. Attendees took turns speaking about police violence in Pacoima and across Los Angeles county, with activists highlighting the importance of communities uniting for people’s justice, and explaining why the current system brutalizes and kills so many of the working class.

After rallying for thirty minutes, the crowd began to march towards the Foothill Police Station, carrying signs, a banner, and mounted portraits of Garcia. The demonstrators chanted “Murderers! Murderers! The Police are Murderers!” Amezcua’s family also joined the march as it made its way to the police station.

Once the march arrived at the Foothill Police Station, the crowd rallied and pasted a banner, reading “LAPD Murders the People. Justice for Chris Garcia,” on the front of the police building.

An activist from PSSFV then gave a speech encouraging bravery against the police and the fear tactics they use to intimidate working class communities as residents could be heard cheering in support from across the street. Demonstrators also slammed and kicked a large rolling door at the front of the building during the rally.

Amezcua’s children told the story of their father’s life and death, describing him as a kind, hardworking man who loved his family.

Activists from anti-imperialist organizations Serve the People Los Angeles and Oxnard Revolutionary Student Group were also in attendance, speaking on their own struggles against police brutality in LA and Oxnard, letting the family members in attendance know that they were not alone in their fight.


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