Commemorations Held in Honor of Garrett Foster One Year after His Murder

Garrett Foster was murdered by reactionary US Army sergeant Daniel Perry on July 25, 2020, while defending a march for Black lives in Austin, Texas. Foster’s death has resonated with revolutionaries around the US—the example he set by putting his life on the line and making the ultimate sacrifice for the people is something that lives on far beyond his last heartbeat. The following is a compilation of actions and events held across the US by Tribune Support Committees (SCs), anti-imperialist organizations, and activists, as well as pictures of graffiti submitted, in mark one-year since Foster’s death and to push forward the fight for justice.

Tribune Support Committees and Anti-Imperialist Organizations Honor Foster

Members of Tribune SCs distributed articles about Foster at parks and local concerts, while others set up tables to speak with people about who Foster was. Members gave speeches explaining the events of the night Foster was killed, and the struggle for people’s justice, when the people and their organizations institute true justice rather than relying the state, taken on by his widow Whitney Mitchell, revolutionaries, and supporters across the country. Those present at these events chanted the slogans “servant of the people” and “defender of Black lives.”

Pittsburgh Tribune of the People Support Committee
Houston Tribune of the People Support Committee
Austin Tribune of the People Support Committee
Orlando Tribune of the People Support Committee
Oxnard Tribune of the People Support Committee
Charlotte Tribune of the People Support Committee

Members of anti-imperialist organization Serve the People – Pittsburgh held a banner reading, “Honor and Glory to Garrett Foster, Servant of the People, Defender of Black Lives” while one member of the organization gave a speech about learning from Foster and the need to fight for people’s justice.

Serve the People – Pittsburgh

Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group commemorated Foster during their monthly convivio (community gathering). One activist addressed the crowd, explaining that Foster’s “constant dedication to be at service to the people is a humble reminder to us all: we must bring light where there is darkness, inspiring the people to fight back against the old State to usher in a new one, free of exploitation and oppression!”

Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group

Anti-imperialist organizations Serve the People – Los Angeles and People’s Struggle – San Fernando Valley held a candlelight vigil at Richie Valens Park in Pacoima, California. An altar was constructed for the event, which included a portrait of Foster, flowers, candles, and an airbrushed mural reading, “Honor and glory to Garrett Foster, servant of the people, defender of Black lives.”

Serve the People – Los Angeles and People’s Struggle – San Fernando Valley

Rally in Austin

In Austin, on July 25, activists and supporters of Foster and Mitchell held a rally at Republic Square Park, where speeches were given before the crowd marched to 4th St. and Congress Ave., the intersection where Foster was murdered. Those in attendance rebuilt Foster’s memorial before marching back to the US federal courthouse, where the march ended.


Tribune supporter submitted the following drawing which depicts Foster pushing Mitchell with a large crowd behind them and the banner, “Garrett Foster lives in the struggle,” in conjunction with the message “Garrett Foster won’t be forgotten, even though I never met him personally I will always carry his name with me and strive to live up to his example of dedication to the people and the struggle.”

Slogans Raise Foster’s Name Across the US

Tribune received pictures of graffiti from across the country commemorating Foster with the slogans “Garrett Foster, present in the struggle,” “Honor and glory to Garrett Foster, Servant of the people, defender of Black lives,” “Garrett Foster lives forever in the struggle,” and “Garrett Foster, presente en la lucha” (Garrett Foster, present in the struggle).

Los Angeles
Kansas City
Kansas City

A poster was seen in Nashville reading “Garrett Foster Lives Forever in the Struggle!”


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