Week in Struggle: July 30- August 5


The Communist Party of India (Maoist) has designated the week of July 28 through August 3 as Martyrs’ Week. The week is meant to honor the Party’s martyrs and to support the struggle against the old Indian State. Banners and posters calling on the people to honor fallen comrades were put up in various states throughout India. In response to Martyrs’ Week, reactionary state forces tightened border controls and are searching all vehicles attempting to cross borders in regions with revolutionary activity.

In addition to these Martyrs’ Week actions, banners demanding the immediate removal of police stations from schools and the distribution of the confiscated land to poor and landless peasants were also reported. In Mulugu, posters criticizing the government for the lack of healthcare during the pandemic and demanding the release of political prisoners were attributed to the CPI(Maoist).


The revolutionary Turkish organization Partizan commemorated the martyrdom of nine members of the Turkish Liberation Army of the Workers and Peasants (TİKKO), led by the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML), who were killed by reactionary state forces on August 1, 1986.

In 1986, the guerrillas gathered near Topuzlar where they expected other fighters to join them as they made their way to Dersim. State repression intensified during this period due to the state’s knowledge of the Party’s upcoming 3rd Conference. The TIKKO unit retreated into Topuzlar which was then surrounded by soldiers and nine guerrillas were killed.

The commemoration was held at the 5th Partizan Training and Holiday Camp. The event began with a minute of silence for the nine martyrs and ended with music, poetry, and the chanting of revolutionary slogans.


Since July 26, residents in the city of Ouro Preto led by the Sanitation Committees for Popular Defense (Comitê Sanitário de Defesa Popular, CSDP) successfully prevented the installation of Saneouro’s hydrometers in multiple neighborhoods by blocking company trucks. Saneouro, a private water company, drives water prices up as it artificially limits the supply. Residents and the CSDP have been fighting against this privatization and demand the termination of the state’s contract with Saneouro by September.

Graffiti in support of the League of Poor Peasants (Liga dos Camponeses Pobres, LCP) was documented in Mato Grosso do Sul. The LCP fights shoulder to shoulder with the poor peasantry in their struggle for land. Slogans read “Long live the LCP! Death to the latifundio! Down with the genocidal military government of Bolsonaro!”


The People’s Collective (Colectivo Popular) documented peasant resistance to the mining company Hanrine’s encroachment on their land. Hanrine’s mining takes the most fertile land in the region leaving low-quality soil for the peasants to work on. The mining also causes natural disasters and pollution.


In Essen, large prints of the statement written by Front for the Defense of the People’s Struggles Ecuador (Frente de Defensa de las Luchas del Pueblo del Ecuador) in defense of the life of Chairman Gonzalo were documented. The Essen prints show the broadening of the struggle in defense of Chairman Gonzalo internationally, who is the world’s greatest living communist and both head of the Communist Party of Peru and the World Proletarian Revolution. 2021 marks Chairman Gonzalo’s 29th year in prison as his health continues to deteriorate and he is subject to physical and psychological torture, as well as permanent solitary confinement.

Spanish slogans defending of the life of Chairman Gonzalo were documented in Freiburg. The slogans read, “Protect the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo.”

United States

Graffiti calling to defend Chairman Gonzalo was documented in Austin. Slogans included “Defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo! The World’s Greatest Living Communist,” and “Long Live Chairman Gonzalo!” alongside hammer and sickles.

In Pittsburgh, a banner also defending the life of Chairman Gonzalo was seen hanging from an overpass.

Graffiti supporting the LCP of Brazil was documented in various cities across the US.

Graffiti commemorating Alex Gonzales Jr., killed by Austin Police Department in January of this year was seen in Austin. Gonzales’ family celebrated his birthday this past week on August 2, when he would have turned 28.


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