Social-Imperialist China Blocks Access to Brazilian News Service A Nova Democracia

By Ben Robinson

A Nova Democracia (AND), a revolutionary Brazilian news source, reports that their web domain was blocked on August 8 from Chinese readers by the fascist Chinese government’s “Great Firewall.”

As AND reports, they are seeing “increasing engagement from Chinese readers” and the censorship comes after having recently published a string of pieces highlighting China’s growing Maoist movement and denouncing China’s revisionism, fascism, and social-imperialism. China is a social-imperialist state, meaning that it falsely claims socialism while oppressing both the Chinese working class and the third world as an imperialist power. China has a vested interest in preventing access to AND and monitoring Chinese readers who are interested in Maoism as the solution to the problems of their society.

Rather than simply preventing access to the news site, the Chinese state blocked AND through DNS spoofing, also known as DNS cache poisoning. A Chinese press freedom activist who attempted to access AND reported that the page was instead redirected to a ‘phishing’ site made to look like AND. In phishing, users are asked to download files which collect sensitive information or enter personal information on the site itself. In this case, information gleaned from phishing could be used by China to monitor activists.

Graphic from, a site that tracks China’s “Great Firewall,” showing when AND was blocked

China’s growing Maoist movement has made itself known through the signatures of Maoist formations on recent international declarations such as “Celebrate the Day of Heroism Militantly!”, as well as through slogans upholding the life of Chairman Gonzalo documented on walls, and growing Maoist organizing facing extreme repression. The legacy of the Chinese Communist Party and Mao Zedong remain transcendent and can never be tarnished by modern China’s revisionism, as highlighted by a recent guest article by a Chinese reader of Tribune of the People commemorating 100 years since the founding of the Communist Party of China.


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