Week in Struggle: August 6–August 12


Activists with the revolutionary Turkish organization Partizan in Dersim held their annual Munzur Festival for culture and nature. In Turkey, usable land is destroyed by large mining companies and the projects of large landowners, causing peasants to starve and increasing the risk of forest fires. At the festival, attendees visited graves of martyrs, discussed current land problems, and recited revolutionary songs.


A statement was released by the League of Poor Peasants (LCP, Liga dos Camponeses Pobres), a revolutionary peasant organization fighting for land, celebrating 26 years of peasant resistance in Corumbiara. It provides a history of the struggle for land in Brazil, denounces enemies of the movement, and calls for the release of four arrested peasants from Camp Manoel Ribeiro, a camp consisting of unused land that had been reclaimed by the peasants. The document goes over the victories of the LCP as well as how the repression the LCP has faced has only strengthened their resolve. The organization reasserts their promise “to return in thousands and more prepared to sweep the latifúndios [large landlords] from the region.”


A cultural event was held in Mexico City commemorating the 126th anniversary of Friedrich Engels’s death and the 18th anniversary of the General Assembly of Workers (AGT, Asamblea General de Trabajadores). Various organizations, including Current of the People – Red Sun (Corriente del Pueblo-Sol Rojo) and the democratic newspaper Periódico Mural, attended. During the event, attendees sang revolutionary songs and chanted, “Long Live Friedrich Engels! Long Live the AGT!”


On August 2, 23-year-old Huver Samir Camayo was killed by police as they were attempting to evict peasants in a community near the municipality of Cajibío, Cauca. After holding a funeral and anti-police demonstration, the people carried out an act of popular justice in Camayo’s name. El Comunero Prensa, a Colombian revolutionary news service, reports, “the people tired of repression and outraged about the death of a young peasant, attacked a police station and burned the mayor’s office on August 4 after his burial.”


On August 5, a commemoration of the 126th anniversary of Friedrich Engels’s death was attacked by the police, who injured 15 people. This severe repression is part of an increasing trend of attacks on Germany’s revolutionary movement.

Graffiti was seen in Hamburg reading, “Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo!” Chairman Gonzalo, the world’s greatest living Communist and ideological leader of the international communist movement, has been held held prisoner by the old Peruvian State for 29 years, where he faces unsafe conditions and torture.


Protesters demonstrated against fascism in Oslo, Kristiansand, and Stavanger earlier this month and late July. The protests focused on anti-racism, and faced police repression, including arrest and tear gas. In Oslo, solidarity with the Kurdish people was shown by demonstrating to honor a Kurdish family had just been murdered by the fascist Turkish State.

Graffiti was documented that read, “Long Live the PCP [Communist Party of Peru]! Long Live Chairman Gonzalo!” Anti-electoral graffiti was also seen, reading, “Elections, no, revolution, yes!” to promote the election boycott campaign in Norway, as elections will be held in September.


Graffiti supporting three evicted families was documented in Blågården. These illegal evictions occurred because members of the families were convicted for participating in the 2019 “Påskeoprøret” protest against fascist violence, which ended with fights against the police. The graffiti reads, “Påskeoprøret was justified!” and “Stop the evictions!”

United States

In San Marcos, Texas, the United Neighborhood Defense Movement (UNDM) held an action outside an HEB grocery store to advocate for tenants to organize in the face of an expiring eviction moratorium. The moratorium, which has not prevented all evictions, was put in place at the beginning of the economic crisis and pandemic shutdowns and is expiring as a surge of infections from the Delta variant begins. UNDM demands an end to all evictions for non-payment, decreased rent and forgiveness of accrued rent debt, and the re-purposing unused government buildings for housing for workers and the homeless

The activists held banners stating their demands in an intersection and spoke to community members about recent and ongoing evictions in San Marcos. One activist gave a speech in front of the store pointing out that the moratorium had been ineffective, that the conditions of the working class will always be precarious under capitalism, and stressing the need for tenants to organize to fight back with their neighbors and community.

Graffiti was seen in Austin calling for People’s Justice for Alex Gonzales, Jr., whom Austin police murdered in January.

Graffiti in defense of the life of Chairman Gonzalo was documented in Austin, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh with slogans like “Long Live Chairman Gonzalo!” and “Move the heavens and earth to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo!”

Graffiti was also seen in Austin calling for the freedom of political prisoners in India, G.N. Saibaba and Varavara Rao.

Graffiti in Kansas City in support of the LCP read, “Long live the LCP!”


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