Move Heaven and Earth to Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo!

By the Editorial Board

In recent weeks, the international campaign to defend the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo has surged. Chairman Gonzalo is the leader of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP, Partido Comunista del Perú) and Peruvian Revolution. Also known as Dr. Abimael Guzmán Reynoso, he faces an imminent threat to his life at the hands of his jailers, the Peruvian State, who, with the backing of US imperialism, are attempting to carry out an assassination 29 years in the making. Tribune has shared the calls and actions of revolutionaries around the world, who have denounced this sinister plan, and we join them to oppose this latest attempt to erase Chairman Gonzalo, the greatest living Communist on earth and the towering head of the International Communist Movement and World Proletarian Revolution.

Chairman Gonzalo is the most-guarded political prisoner in the world, held since 1992 in a maximum security prison at the Callao Naval Base. Kept in perpetual solitary confinement in a cell below sea level, his conditions defy all the basic legal norms of even the bourgeoisie’s so-called human rights. This is of no concern to the reactionaries, whose main problem of counterinsurgency is to annihilate the leadership of the revolution. This is the old State’s goal, to assassinate Chairman Gonzalo, the Great Leadership of the PCP and the People’s War of Peru.

Last month, reports emerged in Peru’s reactionary press that Gonzalo, now 86 years old, had been transferred to a hospital on July 20 due to his deteriorating health. This development should not be attributed to natural causes—it is due to the intentional neglect and criminal actions of the old Peruvian State, which believes it can assassinate Gonzalo in front of the world, blaming his medical condition and advanced age.

The reactionary State cites untreated skin cancer which has now metastasized as the cause for Gonzalo’s admission to the hospital. Chairman Gonzalo’s condition is easily diagnosed and treatable at an early stage. As the most closely watched political prisoner on earth, there is no reason other than intentional homicide that the State would allow his disease to progress to this point. They want to murder Gonzalo, believing that by doing so they can crush the PCP and the People’s War in Peru.

The People’s War in Peru under Gonzalo’s leadership mobilized the oppressed masses of the country through the most heroic advance of the World Proletarian Revolution of our era. It was through the application of Chairman Mao’s lessons from the People’s War in China and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution to Peruvian reality that Chairman Gonzalo synthesized Maoism as the new, third, and higher stage of the proletariat’s ideology, confirming it through People’s War.

Today, the PCP continues its general reorganization through the People’s War. To defend Chairman Gonzalo means to defend the People’s War in Peru, his all-powerful thought, and the military line of the proletariat established by Maoism.

After his CIA-backed capture on September 12, 1992, the Peruvian State held a so-called hearing, putting Chairman Gonzalo on display in a cage and seeking to make a mockery of him. However, their attempt to gloat over Gonzalo backfired, as he proceeded to deliver a speech that serves as a directive for revolutionaries the world over:

“Finally now, listen to this. As we see in the world, Maoism is marching unstoppably to lead the new wave of world proletarian revolution. Listen well and understand! Those who have ears, use them. Those who have understanding—and we all have it—use it! Enough of this nonsense. Enough of these obscurities! Let us understand that! What is unfolding in the world? What do we need? We need Maoism to be incarnated, and it is being incarnated, and by generating Communist Parties to drive and lead this new great wave of the World Proletarian Revolution that is coming.”

Chairman Gonzalo told the proletariat and people of the world what is necessary and laid out our tasks. Even in the reaction’s shackles he held his post and continued to unfurl his unparalleled thought to contribute to the World Proletarian Revolution. This is why the reaction fears him so deeply, and why they have tried to hide him in the dark, isolated from his Party and the masses for nearly three decades.

Yet the reactionaries’ actions have accomplished the opposite of their goals; the ideology of the proletariat, Maoism, has only spread further and faster with each passing year and become the doctrine for rising revolutionary movements in countries around the world, who strive to reconstitute or form their own Communist Parties. His directives are being carried out and his assessment of the world situation is further confirmed day by day. The US has lost the war in Afghanistan; Latin America erupts in wave after wave of protest; Brazil’s peasants raise the red flag in the countryside; and all across the Third World, the masses beat back imperialism, which cannot hold its grip as it once did. The facts show clearly that we live in the strategic offensive of the World Proletarian Revolution—imperialism is on its heels, and we are in the era of 50-100 years in which imperialism will be swept from the face of the earth by the revolutionary masses.

In imperialist countries, from the US to Germany, revolutionary movements are imposing Maoism to combat the long years in which revisionism and opportunism hopelessly attempted to lead the people astray. Maoism advances here in the US thanks to Chairman Gonzalo’s contributions, and revolutionaries here have the duty to do all they can defend his life and all-powerful thought, Maoism applied to the concrete conditions of the Peruvian Revolutionfor he has set down the path for the proletariat of this country to achieve its inevitable victory.

There is growing strength in the International Communist Movement as the left line unites under the banner of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as synthesized by Chairman Gonzalo and the PCP. The International Communist Movement is overcoming its dispersal of forces, and marches forward towards greater organization and unity.

The revisionists of the US today point backward, directing people towards the ballot box, to the rotten electoral system that only serves to sanitize US imperialism. These rat traitors, these phony socialists, not only mislead the people of the US, they export their opportunism to the third world.

As Tribune reported on previously, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) have taken concrete steps to support the reactionary old State in Peru and its electoral process which unfolds in opposition to the People’s War. The DSA props up the new reactionary head of Peru, Pedro Castillo, who now collaborates in the assassination attempt on Chairman Gonzalo. The DSA and their ilk will be cast on the trash heap of history, along with the old Peruvian State. It is Chairman Gonzalo’s leadership that points to the future, to socialist revolution, and onward to communism, where the cruelty of class exploitation is a distant memory!

As Chairman Gonzalo was apprehended by Peruvian police in 1992, he told the State’s agents, “You can take anything away from a man, except what he has here,” as he pointed to his head. “This cannot be removed even if he is killed. And even if they do kill him, the rest will remain.”

We will fight with everything we have to defend Chairman Gonzalo’s life and his all-powerful thought, which remains with us no matter what. We must mobilize to oppose the reaction’s attempts to annihilate him with our total energy and overflowing spirit of proletarian internationalism. This means raising his name loudly and boldly with the slogans for his defense across the world. It means raising the red flag, standing at attention, saluting the leader of the International Communist Movement, and pledging our lives to revolution, to the people, and to the end of imperialism!

Move Heaven and Earth to Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo!

Long Live Chairman Gonzalo!

Long Live the People’s War in Peru!


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