A Nova Democracia: US Air Force Comes to Brazil to Train Brazilian Military to Operate in ‘Irregular Wars’

Photo: US military personnel land at Campo Grande Air Base in Mato Grosso do Sul to train Brazilian military personnel in combat typical of “irregular wars” (Source: Sd A. Soares/FAB)

Editor’s Note: The following is an unofficial translation of an article by the Brazilian democratic newspaper A Nova Democracia: “Força Aérea dos EUA vem ao Brasil treinar militares brasileiros para atuarem em ‘guerras irregulares

By Gabriel Dos Santos

On August 21, two US Air Force (USAF) C-17 Globemaster planes landed at Campo Grande Air Base, in Mato Grosso do Sul, carrying two Sikorsky MH-60 Pave Hawk helicopters in each of the aircraft and 50 Yankee military personnel to carry out joint training with the Brazilian military in order to simulate an “irregular warfare” scenario.

In training, the military will be placed in an unconventional warfare scenario, also called an irregular scenario. In this type of war, combat takes place against internal armed organizations (guerrilla or “subversive” groups) and not against other independent states.

The training, called Exercício Conjunto Tápio 2021 or Excon Tápio 2021 (Joint Exercise Tápio 2021), brings together around 900 soldiers, 30 aircraft, and 16 infantry units, with soldiers from many different parts of the country. The exercises are taking place from August 16 to September 3. This is only the fourth year of the training, and for the first time it will feature the participation of Yankee forces.

In a statement, the Força Aérea Brasileira (FAB, Brazilian Air Force) said that the training with the USAF is an “opportunity for the exchange of experiences and doctrinal development of the FAB, contributing to the country’s possible participation in missions provided for in the peace agreements of the United Nations Organization (UN).”

The person responsible for commanding the training is Air Brigadier Clauco Fernando Vieira Rossetto. Concerning the exercise, he stated: “We will demonstrate the ability to operate in an integrated, coordinated, and harmonious manner, and these characteristics are necessary so that, in combat situations, the forces have control of their zone of interest and prevent the enemy from doing the same.”

The military says the exercise will bring their forces to “the highest international standard.”

The training will feature fighter jets, transport and reconnaissance planes, and helicopters. Military forces will simulate a situation where enemy forces try to impede the progress of friendly troops on the ground.

During the simulation, the A-29 Super Tucano aircraft will be used to support the neutralization of enemies on the ground, as well as support the H-36 Caracal and H-60 Black Hawk helicopters in combat rescue missions in hostile territory.

Other activities to be done in the training will include attack missions, aerial reconnaissance, area infiltration, combat search and rescue missions, and other scenarios that were not disclosed by the FAB.

Concerning the training, the preparation commander, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Sérgio Roberto de Almeida, stated: “Upon completion, we will have trained our air crews and will have consolidated our doctrine in the highest international standard of tactical exercises.”

The FAB announced that the exercise is important for the country, as it involves the Brazilian Air Force, the Navy, the Army, and also the United States Air Force.

With this statement, the commanders of the reactionary Armed Forces seek to omit that for many years they boasted of the supposed “success” of their experience acquired in Haiti. Now, if it was really a “great working experience” acquired in Haiti (as they always argued), why is the training led by the Yankees necessary? And more: why is it necessary for this to take place on national territory?

Under the banner that they are preparing to act in “peace missions” carried out by the UN (in the repression of other peoples of the world), the Brazilian Army is in fact being prepared to deepen the internal genocide, mainly against poor peasants, against the poor Black youth of the favelas and against all the other democrats and progressives who threaten the sinister plans of this military government, the “internal enemy” they talk so much about. In particular, they aim to deepen the reactionary plan for total control of the Amazon, which is in line with the action of the Yankee imperialist superpower to militarize the entire South American subcontinent.


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