A Nova Democracia: A Historic Event

The following is an unofficial translation of the editorial “Um acontecimento histórico,” on the recent withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, from revolutionary Brazilian newspaper A Nova Democracia. We have also included “Afeganistão: Família inteira é assassinada em bombardeio do USA; pelo menos 6 crianças morreram” as a supplement, which includes an update on recent US drone strikes in Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of several civilians, including children.

Weekly Editorial: A Historic Event

By the A Nova Democracia Editorial Board

After 20 years of a dirty war, which has not retreated in the face of any atrocity – rapes, torture, assassinations, bombings against civilians and other crimes of humanity – the United States and its minority partners, as at other times in recent world history, have been driven out of Afghanistan. The so-called ‘planned exit’ was much more like a stampede. As had once happened in Vietnam, the hordes of imperialism and its lackeys struggled to escape the country, in despair, while there was still time. How far away that day seems when an arrogant George W. Bush declared, with imperial airs, that all nations should decide “whether they are with us or with the terrorists”! Here, once again, two statements by Chairman Mao were fulfilled, which proved to be historically far-reaching: that the logic of imperialism is to make trouble and fail, and that imperialism is a paper tiger.

The inescapable truth is that the Afghan National Resistance has brought Yankee imperialism and its lackeys to its knees. This is the decisive prism under which recent events must be interpreted.

Followers of [Nazi propaganda minister] Goebbels, ‘journalists’ on the payroll of NATO, at the outreach try to paint the invader’s exit as a disgrace that has befell the occupied country. Are the hundreds of clandestine prisons and torture chambers maintained by the coalition of aggressors – including on the premises of the now iconic Kabul airport – safeguards for ‘freedom’? Is the widespread corruption of the puppet government, made up of all sorts of spies, informers and executioners of its own people, now a model of integrity? After all, if all was well in Afghanistan while full of invading troops, how can one explain the defeat of these forces in the course of a prolonged war? Would it have been possible for the Taliban and other resistance forces to take power without effective popular support for it? Where, after all, did the legions of combatants that make up the ranks of this force come from, if not from the voluminous peasantry and masses of students? If, under the direction of a limited force like the Taliban, they undertook such a feat, what will these masses of people do if led under the direction of the ideology of the international proletariat, an ideology all-powerful because it is both scientific and true?

In fact, it is odious to see the executioners of oppressed peoples now wanting to speak in their defense. The American attempt to redraw the map of the Middle East, which has so far failed, is not humanitarian at all, but seeks only to safeguard its own interests vis-à-vis other powers, especially imperialist Russia and social-imperialist China. It aims, in short, to postpone its inevitable collapse. In the wake of this attempt, the blood of the oppressed peoples was never spared. Let us look, for example, at the systematic genocide of the Palestinian people, the target of all the war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Zionist executioners, who receive full support from these same ‘Western democratic’ forces. On this monstrous web of atrocities, the ‘ardent’ humanists of the time are silent.

Afghanistan itself, after two decades of occupation, bitterly one of the worst rates of human development in Asia, and is certainly one of the countries that suffers the most from poverty in the world. Of the 193 countries recognized by the UN, it occupies the 167th position in terms of HD [Human Development Index]; 154th position regarding life expectancy, with 64.8 years (in Brazil, with all the ills we know, it is 76.6 years); occupies the 11th position in the portion of the population affected by malnutrition (30%); and 711th placement in literacy (43% of the population). This is the balance of the trillions of Yankee dollars roasted in the ‘reconstruction of the country,’ drained by the thousands of American and European NGOs (who have amassed fortunes exploiting poverty, and the almost free labor of the Afghans) and by the puppet ‘authorities.’

In this sea of misery and endless wars, women cannot have a dignified life. How could an entire country suffer, but its women progress? This is a practical impossibility and absurd by definition. Moreover, we know well what position women occupy in general within bourgeois imperialist society: they receive the worst wages, are subjected to the worst working relationships and bear full responsibility for the education of children and the care of the elderly and the sick. This is particularly acute in the case of the masses of immigrants, treated with hatred and contempt within imperialist countries. As for the strictly cultural aspect, Yemeni photographer Boushra Almutawakel, in a recent interview with the BBC, protested against the use of her series “Mother, daughter and doll” (in which she photographed her daughter and herself in a burqa) as a propaganda piece of the ‘West.’ She said:

“We are not focusing on the real problems. Women are always told what to do, to wear the hijab or take it off, be thin, be young… Leave us alone! See what the makeup and wellness industry is all about. The billions of dollars circulating there. Women undergo plastic surgery and starve to stay thin. This is also a form of oppression.”

On the future of the Afghan people, and of women in particular, their emancipation can only be the work of their own action. No people can free themselves by the tutelage of another – this vision, moreover, presupposes the existence of higher and lower peoples; it is the rotten ideology of colonialism, wrapped in contemporary language. It is necessary that the heroic war of national liberation turn into a new democratic revolution, uninterrupted toward socialism, which is fundamental to liquidate the economic basis of the ‘warlords’ who oppress the Afghan masses. Without this revolution, the victory against the aggressor will be taken over by a tiny number of feudal-bureaucratic elements, who will play the game of one [imperialist] power or another again. The old forces, committed to the strictly national cause, which until now have been potential allies of the proletariat, can no longer be counted on for this task; but it can and must be fulfilled, as long as the proletariat and peasantry of that heroic country are firmly organized in a revolutionary united front, under the leadership of the former [proletariat], through its Communist Party, and which attracts to its side the petty bourgeoisie and the incipient national bourgeoisie (middle bourgeoisie).

The expulsion of the Yankee invader and his NATO lackeys from Afghanistan creates more favorable conditions, not less, for the accomplishment of that pending task. It is, at the same time, an invaluable contribution and an invaluable encouragement to the anti-imperialist struggle in the four corners of the world. It proves the extraordinary historical epoch, the new epoch of revolution that is unfolding in the midst of the new era opened up by the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917; an epoch in which, decomposing formidably, imperialism no longer has the same bases as before to launch its wars of aggression and easily succeed; a time when the cost of their genocidal colonial projects is too expensive, because they are increasingly unsustainable from a political point of view and yet they are increasingly needed economically to ensure their survival; a time when the proletariat is propelled by objective conditions that have never before matured to such an extent for the great social transformations on a world scale and that, subjectively – unlike the whining of the electoral ‘socialists’ who do not believe in the revolutionary strength of the masses and traffic with their interests and suffering – consciously advances through the people’s war in India, Peru, Turkey and the Philippines as well as those that are being generated in many other countries, to merge the liberation struggles of the oppressed nations, as new democratic revolutions, with the struggle of the international proletarian movement, to wipe out imperialism and all reaction from the face of the Earth. Finally, therefore, a time of great world storms, in which the world has already entered and in which the main historical and political trend is the World Proletarian Revolution.

Afghanistan: Entire family killed in US bombing; at least 6 children dead

By Júlia Campos

On August 29, two days before the withdrawal of Yankee troops from Afghanistan was completed, the US conducted a drone strike in Kabul that left ten civilians dead, including six children. Two of them were only two years old. The action came hours after President Joe Biden promised new attacks against the self-styled Islamic State-Khorasan, which claimed responsibility for the August 26 suicide bombing at Kabul airport in which at least 170 Afghans and 13 Yankee soldiers died.

Two days earlier, on August 27, the US had launched another air strike against an Islamic State member in Nangarhar province.

The reckless and unilaterally-decided attack by the US struck a vehicle containing explosives with a Hellfire missile, generating secondary explosions that destroyed nearby homes and cars, including the Ahmadi family vehicle, located in the proletarian neighborhood of Khwaja Burgha, in the Afghan capital.

According to The Washington Post, images shared on the internet show two burned cars near a white house with several broken windows. A neighborhood resident said in a telephone interview that one child had been seriously injured and later died, and the body of another was found under a car.

“This was a family home where my brothers lived with their families,” a relative of the Ahmadi family told the CNN press monopoly. He also confirmed that among those killed in the drone strike were his brother Zamaray, 40; Naseer, 30; Zameer, 20; Faisal, 10; Farzad, 9; Armin, 4; Benyamin, 3; and Ayat and Sumaya, girls only 2 years old. In addition, according to relatives, one of the dead was a former Afghan military officer who came to work for US forces during the occupation of the country.

A neighbor, identified as Ahad, told CNN about the moments of terror he experienced after the Yankee attack: “All the neighbors tried to help and brought water to put out the fire, and I saw that there were five or six dead. The father of the family and another boy and there were two children. They were dead. They were in pieces. There were two [also] wounded.”

Another witness also spoke to the press monopoly [CNN], angered by the narrative elaborated by Yankee imperialism after the attack: “The Americans said that the airstrike killed Daesh members,” he said, [Daesh] referring to the Islamic State. “Where is Daesh here? Were these children from Daesh?”

In addition to murdering an entire family, the bombing also damaged the structure of nearby buildings, increasing the possibility of more people getting hurt or dying.

Witnesses Denounce Executions of Civilians by Yankee Soldiers

In addition to the allegations of the drone strike carried out in retaliation for the Yankee soldiers killed at Kabul international airport, press monopoly Russia Today (RT) and BBC journalists reported that a series of witnesses to the Islamic State attack accused Yankee soldiers of arbitrarily opening fire on the crowd of civilians at the airport, leaving an undefined number of dead.

According to journalist Secunder Kermani, the BBC’s Afghanistan correspondent, the soldiers allegedly murdered innocent people who were waiting at the airport as a form of ‘revenge’ for the Yankee military killed on August 26. “Many of those with whom we spoke, including eyewitnesses, said that a significant number of people were shot dead by US forces in panic after the explosion,” Kermani said.

In a video posted by the journalist, a man explains that his friend was killed in the attack: “The guy served in the US army for years and [this is] the reason he lost his life,” said a friend showing Hamid’s ID. “He wasn’t killed by the Taliban, he wasn’t killed by ISIS. The US Army began shooting.” When asked why he was so sure that his friend had been killed by the Yankees, and not by the bombing, the man says, “The bullet went into his head, near his ear.”

This would not be the first time in the history of the Yankee occupation in Afghanistan that US forces committed a massacre of civilians. In March 2012, for example, Yankee Sergeant Robert Bales murdered 16 civilians and wounded six others in Panjwayi district in what became known as the Kandahar massacre. Nine of the dead were children, and eleven belonged to the same family. Some of the corpses were partially burned in order to conceal the crime.

However, during the nearly 21 years of the US-led war of imperialist aggression in Afghanistan, many other massacres similar to September 29 have never been recorded, annihilating families, hospitals, and crops. And now, although the withdrawal of troops has been finalized, the attack by unmanned aircraft (drones) in Kabul highlights how the Yankee intervention in the country may only take new forms.


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