Support Revolutionary Coverage of the Hurricane Ida Capitalist Disaster

By the Editorial Board

While the majority of southeastern Louisiana is still without power due to capitalist negligence, our volunteer-run news service is on the ground, collecting stories of the people’s resilience, providing political analysis through the lens of our revolutionary ideology, and where possible, carrying out relief work alongside the people and other activists. This is all done by dedicated journalists who do their work out of love for the people and their dedication to organizing for revolution.

Unlike the monopoly media, which has billions of corporate dollars behind it, we rely entirely on the generosity of our readers and the people themselves. This is why we are calling on our readers to donate to support the work that has already been done to cover Hurricane Ida, and to keep members of our team on the ground as the capitalist disaster continues in order to shed light on the concrete truth and history of the capitalists’ crimes.

Tribune reporters, traveling with revolutionary activists, were the first relief workers some residents of Houma, Louisiana had seen from outside the community since Hurricane Ida had made landfall two days prior. These residents were angry at the state’s continued failures and are accustomed to FEMA and the Red Cross not showing up in their small town after a storm.

The volunteer crew is traveling over highways strewn with debris, maneuvering around downed power lines, and bringing in their own gas, supplies, and donated items to make contact with those who have been abandoned by the capitalist State. We need your support to continue making these trips, so we can procure water, gas, food, diapers, baby formula, soap, tarps, roofing nails, and whatever else we may distribute to the people or need to sustain our team.

Tribune’s modest organization does all we can to serve the working class and the people, who are the real heroes. We strive to provide revolutionary news coverage that opposes the monopoly media which acts only as a mouthpiece for imperialism. We work to analyze the concrete conditions of the world in order to seek the truth from the facts.

As the only Marxist-Leninist-Maoist newspaper in the US, we seek to not only uphold and share the ideology of the international proletariat among the people, but to apply it with on-the-ground practice in our trench of journalism, which means alongside and in service to the people. With your support, we can continue to do this important work, and grow the movement for a socialist revolution within the US.

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