Photos: Southeastern Louisiana Post-Ida

Hurricane Ida made landfall in Southeastern Louisiana on August 29 as a Category 4 Hurricane with heavy rains and sustained 150mph winds, causing widespread damage to homes and communities across the area. However, as Tribune wrote in an editorial last week, the hurricane is not the principal cause of the people’s suffering, but it is the failures of the capitalist state to prepare for severe weather and its inability to respond to the needs of the people after storms pass which brings the real disaster to the people.

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Tribune‘s volunteer reporters spent multiple days visiting small towns such as Houma, Montegut, Point-aux-Chenes and others along the coastal region, documenting damage and talking to the resilient, hardworking residents who wanted the world to see what they were going through. There has been a notable absence of significant coverage by monopoly media outlets in the working-class, poor areas of the Louisiana coast which were hardest hit by Ida. Tribune will continue to conduct coverage and relief work this coming weekend and calls on our readers to donate in order to support our work.

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Tribune Interviews Small Town Residents


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