International Revolutionary Organizations Issue Statements to Honor Chairman Gonzalo

By Jakob Stein

In the early hours of September 11, Chairman Gonzalo (Dr. Abimael Guzmán Reynoso), leader of the People’s War in Peru and of the International Communist Movement, died imprisoned at the Callao Naval Base after 29 years of solitary confinement. As the world’s foremost political prisoner and the greatest contemporary Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, the International Communist Movement has begun honoring his legacy and contributions to the proletarian movement and ideology.

Chairman Gonzalo’s death followed a large push in the international campaign to defend his life from the old Peruvian State—activists around the world condemned the State’s failure to adequately address Chairman Gonzalo’s worsening health issues as he languished in prison. Photos of graffiti, banners, and demonstrations supporting this campaign were being published from across the world up to the day of his death. In the wake of this death, Communist Parties and revolutionary organizations have published statements to honor Gonzalo’s contributions to the worldwide proletarian revolution.

In Ecuador, the Communist Party of Ecuador Red Sun wrote:

“The old state of Peru has physically materialized the bloody and slow assassination of Chairman Gonzalo; in fact, it has been doing so for 29 years and kept him locked in a gloomy dungeon in which there was no room for a single ray of sunlight; incommunicado, subjected to absolute isolation, having been subjected to lacerating psychological torture. Today, the enemies of the class and the people, together with the revelry of imperialism, sing victory, they live the allegory of the hyenas without knowing or understanding that if one dies, the ideological remains in the others, and that will never be erased.”

The comrades of the Defense Front of the People’s Struggles of Ecuador also wrote:

“We are left with his memory, his bravery, his coherence and intelligence, his contributions to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism that are of universal validity; we are left with his rebellion and indomitable conviction of tirelessly struggling to conquer the red sun of liberation; we remain with the firm commitment not to lower flags until we have achieved the final goal of all communists: communism.”

The Study Group to Serve the Brazilian People also wrote on the situation, explaining:

“The reactionaries and opportunists join in the anti-communist harangue to commemorate the death of their greatest enemy, calling him a murderer, a terrorist and the like. They want to dance on his grave, but this is impossible, as [his]  ideas are immortal and [he lives]  live with us as an unfading legacy of [his] struggle. They will all be in for a big surprise when they watch the New Wave of the World Revolution wipe from their faces the scornful, cowardly smiles they give.”

Following his death, the revolutionary Turkish newspaper Yeni Demokrasi posted an article on the importance of the People’s War in Peru where they state:

“…the Peruvian state led by the fascist Fujimori intensified its attacks against the Communist Party of Peru (PCP, Partido Comunista del Peru) with the support of US imperialism and many imperialist countries, and implemented many inhuman practices against the imprisoned cadres. The most important of these practices was the exhibition of Gonzalo, who has become the symbol of the process, by being locked in an iron cage. The fascist Peruvian state humiliated Gonzalo with this practice, it tried to spread despair to the masses who gave their hearts to the People’s War and to give the impression that the people’s hope of salvation was caged with this cage. However, the fact that Gonzalo was shouting victory slogans, even in a cage, nullified the calculations of the fascist Peruvian state. The persistent attitude of Gonzalo, who shouted that even a steel cage could not prevent the people’s liberation struggle and People’s War, and break the belief in victory, also declared that the People’s War would continue under the leadership of the Peruvian Communist Party.”

In Austria, the Antifascist Action Infoblatt wrote:

“Without a doubt, this cruel plan was an attempt to destroy the Peruvian revolution. With the death of Chairman Gonzalo, however, it becomes clear that even 30 years of solitary confinement for the leader of this revolution were not enough to wipe out his work and the fight against oppression and exploitation. And even his death will not be able to accomplish that; on the contrary, this attack on all just concerns and goals of the oppressed and exploited will fuel resistance and struggle.”

In Norway, revolutionary news source Tjen Folket Media wrote:

“The reaction has assassinated President Gonzalo, but his Thought is immortal. His life and work can never be erased, and on the contrary, President Gonzalo’s contribution to Maoism is embodied more and more today. Maoism is embodied by the processes around the world, to constitute or reconstitute Maoist communist parties, to initiate new people’s wars and to further develop the four people’s wars in Peru, Turkey, India and the Philippines. And Maoism is embodied not least by the process of holding the Unified Maoist International Conference to establish the New International Organization of the Proletariat. No revolutionary can take lightly what has now happened, no one can take lightly this murder, which is a direct attack on Maoism, the International Communist Movement and our entire class.”

Revolutionaries in Germany and Norway have already announced demonstrations in honor of Chairman Gonzalo to take place on September 18, and more are certain to follow in the coming days.


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